Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the Moses Backet

Here's baby Joy in her Moses Basket, ah-hem, I mean, Moses Backet; that's what Jax calls it. She has just about totally outgrown the Moses basket now, but Jax still commands us to "put her in her backet" when he wants or needs some help doing something. It has become the trendy saying at our house, "put her in her backet" or "put it in its backet"... it's just another way of saying, put whatever you are doing on hold and give me some attention instead. ha ha. Little Joy has been toted all over our house in that Moses backet, and now it's about time for it to retire. We're gonna be tradin' that Moses backet in on a sporty, colorful walker real soon! :-)


Jennifer said...

I love Moses Baskets...they are so sweet! That is hilarious that Jax tells you to put her in her "backet!"