Monday, February 23, 2009

I should be sleeping

So, Jax is in bed; has been since 9pm.
And, Joy is in bed; has been since 10:30pm.
(well, she did wake up around midnight, but nothing the vibrating bassinet couldn't take care of for me!)
And, I just finished grading papers for my online classes....
So, I really should go to bed too, right?
Well, yeah, I should.
But I really wanted to blog tonight.
I did all of my little tasks and I just can't help that it is now almost 1am. I still want my reward! I've worked hard. So I am going to add ONE post to my blog, about something really important... well, it's actually a really important question. It's something that I've been pondering for a while, and just can't figure out on my own. Maybe some of you more experienced moms can help:
why do newborn-sized socks have the little gripper thingies on the bottom?
I mean, aren't those there to keep the wearer from slipping and falling down when they have only socks on? Do they really think that the gripper stripes and other cute gripper patterns are really necessary for newborn-sized socks? Has anyone ever had their newborn to slip down due to lack of grippers on their socks???

Now that I have that off of my chest, I believe I can sleep well tonight! thanks!


Jennifer said...

LOL! I have actually wondered the same thing about Rosalyn's newborn socks, so you are not alone...

Susann said... are absolutely retarded!!! I have a point, but go rest your brain and get some sleep. LOL!!

love ya!

Robin Ann said...

ha ha ha.... I needed to laugh tonight. And now I know it is a Wallace gene that makes us obsess over the strangest things! They put grippers on believe it or not so that sweet little Joy can't get them off as easily! Plus they get to charge twice as much for them!. I always hated little socks or booties as we called them. They are really sweet to look at though. They are so tiny!