Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I love shoes.
I would really love to buy many many pairs of shoes... I love all of the different styles, and if I allowed myself, I'd really have a TON of shoes. But I don't. Don't get me wrong, I have several pairs, but not nearly as many as I would have if I just let myself go. I have always been pretty good about controlling my urge to buy more and more and more shoes. Until the babies came. I find that I end up buying way more shoes than a little one can wear out. LOL. They're just SO CUTE!
Here is one of my favorite pair of Joy's shoes. Size 0. And so sweet on her tiny little feet. Love 'em!
Josh says that he doesn't have as many pairs of shoes as I do (or Joy!) and maybe he's right. He don't have many pairs of shoes, but he does have lots and lots of boots! And, what else could have possibly been more appropriate for him to buy our sweet baby girl than a pair of John Deere boots?!!! The week after we found out that our baby was going to be a girl, Josh picked out these adorable little pink boots for the tiny little feet that we had yet to see other than through the assistance of ultrasound. Now that she's here, Josh can't wait for her to wear her boots. They're still a little big, but we let her wear them around the house one day... until she kicked them off. ha ha.

Speaking of boots, I should add that Jax inherited the boot gene from his Daddy rather than the shoe gene from me. I like boots as much as the next girl, but I'm all about variety. Josh and Jax, no sir-ree! They are happy to wear boots, and maybe even the same pair of boots, every single day. Jax has Work Boots, Huntin' Boots, Church Boots, and even Rain Boots. He has a lot of shoes, too, thanks to me, but they rarely get worn at all, thanks to Josh. ha ha. As if he doesn't have enough boots of his own, I caught Jax trying out a few pair of his daddy's boots one morning... (please excuse the un-made bed; when candids occur, it seems that something is always 'wrong' with the background, but I guess that's the essence of real life)
I love to wear my Daddy's shoes
though my feet are small,
When they are in my Daddy's shoes,
I feel ten feet tall!
Some day I'll grow to fill them
and I only hope to be
as fine a man and great a Dad
as my Daddy is to me.


Jennifer said...

I like shoes too, but unfortunately Rosalyn does not. She hates them! Love the sweet pictures, especially Jax in Daddy's boots...that poem is precious!

hstingley said...

I know what you mean! I think girls are just drawn to them, and boys just like boots. Stingley would wear his to bed if I'd let him I think. I bought him a brand new pair last year for his bday...and what did he do-he wore them to deer camp and what I called ruined them, but as he calls it-breaking them in. I swear-men...gotta love em!