Thursday, March 5, 2009

one smart momma

yeah, my suspicion was right!
Jax has flu. Confirmed very quickly this morning at the Children's Clinic.
So, that leaves me and Joy. Us girls! We are hoping that Ms. Flu is just attracted to the Leggett men, and that we will be spared from her wrath. Joy is too young, but I'm taking Tamiflu myself as precaution, and hopefully to ward off any tendency to develop the full-blown flu. I've bought stock in Lysol and Germ-X and we are washing clothes and hands, and, well, EVERYTHING like crazy. Hope it works. I surely do not want my sweet baby Joy to have to meet that mean ole Flu too. Jax and Josh both were/are just pitiful. These are not fun times; definitely not how I wanted to spend my last days off with my family! AUGH!
All of this is just not fair!!!


Robin Ann said...

Neisha I am so sorry Jax is sick. I should have read on before I posted my first comment. When I had the flu a few weeks ago they gave me an inhalent that releived the symptoms. And a Z-pack. I am not sure but Tamiflu is probably the same thing. Ask the dr about it though, it is called Ralenza. I really only felt bad for 2 days. I didn't cough much and other than feeling weak afterwards no lingering affects. I truly hope you and Joy have a good immune system!

Jennifer said...

I am so sorry Jsx is sick and hope he feels better soon! I will be praying that it will bypass you and especially baby Joy since she is so little! Rosalyn had a horrendous case of the flu at 6 months...we ended up at the hospital and it was a miserable experience for all! After that, I now cringe every time I hear of anything involving babies and the flu! Are you breastfeeding? If so, maybe she can pick up some antibodies from you!

Jennifer said...

Just realized I mispelled Jax's name above...sorry!

StephF said...

So sorry to hear that both of your boys are sick! Praying that you & Joy will be spared!!

hstingley said...

Bless ya'lls finally get one child(j/k) over it only to have another one get it! I really hope you and Joy don't get it either. BJ brought it home to me last year from bhaven when he was still working down there, and of course I ended up in the hospital by ambulance from I know what your going through. Keep disinfecting girl and I'm glad that Josh is better...hope you little man feels better soon too! He's too cute to be sick! Hugs & Kisses.