Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Starting in the middle: 4-D ultrasound photos

I feel like I'm starting this blog in the middle of the story... but, hey, I guess better late than never! :)

We had a 4-d ultrasound done yesterday and I have to tell you - it was absolutely amazing!! Our little nameless girl was doing all sorts of tricks for us - quite a little performer already! Having the 4-d done makes me question even more: how can anyone that has experienced pregnancy and new life either directly or indirectly not believe in God? Or, not believe that is a real human being in there? Wow, the experience is overwhelming - so amazing - such a miracle! The 4-d ultrasound is definitely something I would recommend to friends who are expecting. It made me even more EXCITED about this little girl that will soon join us, and it really got me pumped about getting all of the preparations done ... a strongER sense of nesting, I suppose. Now, I'm really anxious to get the bedding, furniture, and room set up; the clothes bought, washed, and organized; AND get a name selected!!! Enough of my To-Do list... let's get to the pictures! Introducing.... well, I wish I could insert a name here, but, ugh, don't have that done yet... so... Introducing... "Baby Sister" Leggett (that's what Jax calls her so far... or, sometimes it's "Just Sister"!)

Isn't this just the sweetest photo? Look at the little hands, and such a sweet, angelic face!

Yawning... it's hard work being a babe!

Yep, that's a foot very near to her mouth. She's a flexible girl! She liked to keep her hands and feet very close to her face.

Profile. So sweet!

Tasting fingers...

Hhhm... Fingers must not be very tasty! Isn't this the cutest little grimace ever?

Foot and Hand (right in her face)

I could post pictures for days. This thing is so neat. We got a video recording of the entire ultrasound also. I wish I could share it with you too because the "moving" pictures make it all so much more real, and easier to "see".

I am 30 weeks along, so it won't be much longer before little ... uh... well, she still doesn't have a name yet... so I guess I can say.... ... it won't be much longer before our little girl is here! December 9 is the due date! Ok, yeah, I know, she REALLY needs a name! We're working on it... just slow progress. ha. How 'bout this? You can post your name suggestions on my brand new blog! Yeah, that will be fun. We'll take all suggestions into consideration at least. So, go for it!


kwatts0214 said...

Hey girl. That 4-D ultrasound is amazing. She is so precious. I love that she is already showing a cute personality. I can't believe you are almost due. This has flown by. I am so excited for you, Josh, and Jax.

Susann said...

YAY!! So excited that your blog is up and going. I need to start renovating mine or something since I'm SO FAR behind. ha ha! 4D pictures are absolutely precious! I wouldn't take ANYTHING for my pictures and video from Korben's.

Ok. Names for Miss Prissy. I'm going to put this on here because YOU mentioned it a while back and I know you won't post your own suggestion yourself. LOL!

1. Navy (maybe Navy Nicole after her Mommy who deserves some credit and recognition). :o)

2. Navy Joy - because she will bring such joy to your family.

ha ha! Good luck and I can't WAIT to hear the final decision on her name. Until I hear anything different I'm calling her Navy. ha ha!

Love you Neish!


Angela said...

Yay! Love the pics! I remember discussing names but have forgotten your top choices. I think Olivia and Joy were in there, so I vote for Olivia Joy.

LeaAnn said...

Love these pictures! She is SO beautiful. As always, I vote for Lea Ann Leggett! It has a nice ring to it. Hee Hee! I am SO EXCITED for ya'll.

Brenda said...

Oh My!! She is so beautiful! I think she looks a lot like Jax! Those pics are awesome! I love the name Olivia and since that was Josh's Great Grandmother Leggett's name, that would be a wonderful name for your sweet little girl. Mrs. Olivia Leggett was one of my sweet home health patients back many years ago. Jesse and Jason were in Kindergarten at the, that was a loooong time ago. (I must have been doing home health when I was just a kid:-) If I think of any other names I will let you know. I would like to see you some time this weekend so I can give you this gift I told you about. It may help with your nesting.
Love You,

CherylBurnette58 said...

She is precious - just like her mother. Thank you for sending me the link to your blog. Now I can keep up with your growing family. Love ya, sweetie!


She is so precious! I know you, Josh and Jax can't wait until she is here. Let us know if we can do anything for ya'll-we would love to have an excuse to come to Brookhaven for a visit!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics. Wish they had something like that when Dana was carrying Carrie. Alright, gonna give you the name I wanted to name Carrie but Dana wouldn't let me! I wanted to name her "Rowdie" Michelle Pyeatt. It would have fit her perfectly! haha.



Dana said...

Oh, I love this blog thing. You did a good job creating it and those precious pics of our little one make it that much cooler.....
Name for her???
I'm stickin with
I love it and it has such a nice ring to it...sounds great.
In a couple of those pics, she looks so much like Jax. He is gonna be a great BIG BROTHER.
I just can't hardly wait until Jordana arrives. I hope that you and Josh realize that she is gonna be one spoiled little girl cause she is the only little girl in our family since you came along, and might I remind you, 3o years ago!!!!!!!!!!Ha!
Love yall,

cmiller said...

I love the pictures!! I can remember having Madelynn's done and how good it made me feel when I saw her for the first time. She is beautiful, I think she favors Jax too. I like the name Jolee or Joy. I am sure whatever name you choose will be perfect. I can hardly wait to see Josh with her. I know she is going to have him wrapped around her little finger just like Lucy does Bobby II. Ha Ha!