Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hi ho, hi ho, back to work I go

well, it's day 3 for me.
Yep, back at it.
Work, that is.
It has been quite overwhelming these first few days, but I think once we get a good solid routine, everything's gonna be okay!
Monday and Tuesday, Jax stayed home rather than going to school... just to make sure that he is OVER the flu. We didn't want to put the other kids at risk, OR risk a relapse for Jax. So, he got a little extra attention from his Daddy for two days... "just the boys," as he would say. I think that was good for both of them.
My mom took vacation days this week so that she could keep Joy during my first week back at work. And, boy, that was super-duper nice of her!!!
Today, Jax returned to school and was really excited to see his friends again. He absolutely could not wait to get in the door and start the fun!
The drive to work has been quiet for me all week, until today. Jax kept me entertained, telling me all about his friends and what all he hoped to do today at school. I'm glad he was excited about returning.
It was very very dark and foggy this morning (or, "saucy" as Jax kept calling it!!! LOL) but we still managed to get up and get everyone dressed and out the door WITH TIME TO SPARE! Can you believe that?
I know it; me neither!
I am NEVER on time, muchless EARLY!!! This is the first morning that I've had both of the kids to dress and disperse, so I didn't really know how much time to allow, and I guess I overestimated a little bit. But it did feel good to NOT be late for once. It will probably never happen again, but we're not gonna focus on that right now. ha.
hey now, just let me bask in the glow of the EARLY morning sun for a while, okay? LOL


Beth said...

Glad your first week back is going well and that all your boys are feeling better-- the big one and the little one! LOL :) Bet Aunt Gail has had a blast keeping Miss Joy!

Jennifer said...

Glad your first week went well and everyone is well and adjusting!