Thursday, November 13, 2008

1 cm - panic mode

I had another prenatal visit yesterday, and the doc says time is closing in!! 1 cm dialated could mean that baby is very close to making her arrival. I technically have about 3 1/2 weeks until my due date, and I was really planning on making it til December, but now I'm seeing that there is a possibility that we may be getting a November baby! Ooooh, this is exciting for sure! But, at the same time, I can't help but race into panic mode! There's so much left to do: paint nursery, set up furniture in nursery, organize "stuff" for baby, buy a sweet "going home" outfit, finish Christmas shopping, prepare material for my substitute, finish grading my students' term papers & prepare final exams, photos for Christmas cards, install carseat for baby, buy a baby book, pack bag for hospital... Oh, and, PICK A NAME!!!!!!! I really wanted to have some things monogrammed, but, um, I guess that is out of the question since we don't have a name.
OH my, the "to do" list could go on and on. Although I have honestly tried to stay on top of things, I'm learning that it is MUCH more difficult the second time around. I don't want to take anything away from Jax, so I've been trying to do it all, but really nothing is complete and what I'd call "ready". Ugh. Not a good feeling.
I know I could go for a while at 1 cm... but on the other hand, I may not! If you see me in the next few days, just remember how anal I am about the "little things" and you'll understand why I look so tired and STRESSED! Prayers, please! I know it will all work out... but I can't help but worry about it in the meantime. Especially the name... what are we gonna do if we can't come up with a name in time? Pressure, pressure. I don't like pressured decisions. But, it seems, that's what we're gonna get - could someone just tell Josh to just say "ok"? That would solve the name debate right then and there. Maybe instead of asking everyone what we should name the baby, maybe we should just create a poll to see who you think should "give in" - me or Josh !!! Yeah, I think I could come up with a pretty good campaign. Oh, wait, I don't have time to campaign...


Susann said...

Take a deep breath!! It's all going to be ok. I think people will TOTALLY understand if you just hand them a Wal-Mart gift card this year for Christmas. LOL!!! That could take some pressure off of ya.

And on the name...she DOES have a name (according to you and me). Her name is Joy Anna Leggett. Josh just doesn't realize it yet and hasn't come up with any better suggestions. So...there ya go. (hee hee)

Can't wait to meet her!!

hstingley =0) said...

Neisha-CALM DOWN AND RELAX!!! It will all work out in the end. And I do have to agree...Joy Anna Leggett is precious and will fit her perfectly. As for Josh...don't worry Stingley and I will come down there and beat him up for you, so you can have some peace! J/K

Laura Lofton said...


I with everyone else...slow down...if you're not careful, your stress and running around could BRING ON the labor!! I love Joy Anna...that's beautiful! I'm praying for ya!!

dwladner said...

Oh My, just chill out and enjoy each day. Everything will work out. And rest, rest and rest. Take a deep breathe and relax. All those things don't have to be done right now. You know that I will help, if you'll just let me know what you want me to do.
Just concentrate on the NAME----Joy Anna is cool if you won't go for Jordana.
Remember, I didn't have a name for Travis either until they told me at the hospital that I could not take him home until he had a name. Lisa actually named him and I have always been satisfied with his name. So just tell Josh that since yall can't agree then I'll be in charge of the naming business. You think he would go for that?? NOT ! worth a try, tell him !
What on earth does he find wrong with Joy Anna ??
Take it easy.
Let me know if I can do anything.
Love ya,

KitMeyer said...

Don't Stress... we all will not mind a new years card with the baby in the picture~