Monday, March 2, 2009

Joy's 1st visit to church -- NOT!

Joy got her shots Feb. 12th. We decided NOT to take her to church for the first time on that following Sunday (15th) because it was terribly cold and very rainy, yucky, rainy that morning and she already had a runny nose. The next Sunday, (22nd) Josh was working and we opted not to go to church that morning either; we wanted to wait for him so that he too could be there when little Joy got to see God's house for the first time (and, yes, the steeple too, Jax!).
So, we were looking forward to March 1st... that would be the start of a new month, and hopefully better weather, and Joy would get to meet all of her friends at church who have been so anxious to see her. We've been pretty much hermits since she was born, only getting her out a few times, and mostly to ride only.
Well, the day before March 1st, ah-hem, Saturday, we were forced to meet something very ugly, possibly Satan's maid or something, which forced us to forgo our 'first Sunday back at church' plans...: FLU.
As in, Virus... Flu Virus.
No, it wasn't Joy who had to play host for Ms. Flu (thank goodness)... it was Josh -- you know, my eldest?!! Needless to say, this weekend has been NO FUN taking care of him, constantly disinfecting everything, and simultaneously taking care of the kiddos too. It's a full-time job taking care of a sick husband alone, muchless throw in a couple demanding kids. Meanwhile, I'm desperately trying to keep from getting the flu myself (which would be disaster, since I am supposed to return to work ONE WEEK from today - March 9) and certainly trying to keep the kids from getting it too. It's been rough around here, ha.
We've all had the flu shot, so maybe, just maybe, that will help (all of us, with the exception of Joy, who was in utero when I received it). Although, it did not help Josh that much... hate to say it, but I really hope he's taking a lick for the team here. ha ha.

So, one day, when everyone is well again, we'll make it to church, and we'll take some photos of Joy in her dress that I've been saving for her first church visit, which is going to be entirely too small by the time we make it there, but I'll put it on her anyway, and pretend that it's supposed to be that short and that the new trend is for the bubble sleeves to fit super tight! Hey, maybe I'll just add a big ole hair bow to the ensemble... that will make the dress less noticeable, right? LOL
And perhaps I can post some other (soon to be "old") pictures, too! I have tons, but I also still have Dial-Up so.... I must continue to use my tactic of low-resolution posts only, and that requires a trip to Walgreens before photos can be incorporated; sorry; I hate it too. Blame it all on Flu Virus... I hope some Trooper writes her a ticket when she is on her way out of Bogue Chitto! Ugh!


Jennifer said...

Poor Josh! I hope he is better soon!

Robin Ann said...

I had the flu shot as well. The doctors office I went to said that like all viruses it mutated and the virus we all received in the shot was useless! Anyway, I trust he is better now. No one here became sick after me so we did a pretty good job of containing my germs! Hurry and post a picture of Jax and Joy! They will be in college soon! :)