Monday, December 28, 2009

Long time, no post

First of all, let me say that the blog is still "on" and I have not forgotten about my dear blog. I LOVE blogging, and I would never just abandon you three faithful readers! I have felt the urge to blog soooo much, but just haven't been able to find the time... or the available technology to get it taken care of. The fact that our home internet access has been very MOODY hasn't helped at all. But, I can't just blame the out-in-the-sticks technology alone. The last couple months have been nothing less than absurdly crazy, hideously hectic, non-stop run-run-running for us, especially for the Queen Bee balancing the end of the semester paperwork and grade submission crunch for 9 class sections (!) along with the family plans of not one, but two, birthday parties all mixed and mingled with the holiday hoopla with the immediate families, semi-immediate families, extended families, and extra-extended families..... whew... that is a run-on sentence for sure. ha. ANYWAY, you know what I mean - time has just FLOWN by!
I have a MILLION AND ONE pictures to share and blog about, plus at least 375, 731 funny stories to share about the Leggett little ones and even a couple about the big Leggett's too, ha ha. It may be next year, but I will get them posted, eventually.
2010 is just around the corner. I go back to work January 4 - only to face 9 classes again (one class shy of 2X the contracted courseload!) for the Spring semester, but I am bound and determined to get some time penciled in for my blog somehow. Afterall, this is my way of documenting so much, and I enjoy re-living by going back and reading about the various phases of our lives on this blog.
Stay tuned, faithful bloggies, I'm dying to share some of my favorite stories and pictures with you!
much love to you all -