Tuesday, January 6, 2009

who is your Paw-Paw?

As Jax's third birthday is fast-approaching, I have been thinking about how much he has learned this past year, and how much more he has taught us! I was reminded of a recent conversation he had with his Daddy, and I couldn't help but share!
The night before (12-8-2008) we were to admit to the hospital to induce labor with Joy, we took Jax to McDonald's for his last supper as an "only child". On the way home, we were discussing names and relationships. Jax had many questions and much to my surprise, he was beginning to understand how his Paw-Paw Johnny is also Josh's dad, and Paw-Paw Dan is also my dad, etc. I thought this would be too difficult for him to understand at the age of 2, but apparently not. Each explanation elicited more questions from him. We went through the family tree, explaining the differences in relationships, and the birth name of each person, including their "third name" which is what Jax calls the middle name. Then, in his sweet, innocent voice he asked, "What's your Paw-Paw's name, Daddy?" Josh paused for a moment, caught off-guard I'm sure, but then replied, "my Paw-Paw is in Heaven." Jax said "o-tay" and seemed to be satisfied with that answer. There was a second of silence, and then as if a light bulb had just come on, Jax exclaimed, "Daddy!!! Your Paw-Paw is Jesus?? !!! ??"

I couldn't help but think that Josh's Paw-Paw smiled at that. :-)

a favorite snapshot of our smart boy:


Susann said...

Awwww!!! That one brought tears to my eyes! So sweet!

Can't wait to see ya'll!

Angela said...

LOVE that close-up.

BeccaG said...

too too sweet... they say the greatest things don't they? I do hope you're writing all these things down...