Monday, March 16, 2009

how's the verse go? i knew you were best friends before I created you...??

My BFF, Amy, and I have shared many things together. Growing up, we shared the same birthday month, the same schools, the same love for fads of the time, the same boyfriends... yep, lots of stuff. Now that we are adults, we continue to notice things that we have in common and share experiences. We coincidentally shared the experience of pregnancy together... TWICE! Her oldest, Brandon, is five months and one day older than Jax. Her youngest, Layla, is exactly three months older than Joy. So, we continue to share a lot of things, and we both really enjoy that.

Because of our BFF relationship, we have always referred to Jax and Brandon's relationship as BFF; and now we refer to Layla and Joy's relationship as BFF also. I think the kids would pretty much agree with us on that BFF part. hee hee.

Layla and Joy, although best friends since conception, did not get to meet each other until Joy was about 6 weeks old. They were so funny - you could tell that they already knew so much about each other (from hearing their mommies talk, of course) and they were super excited to meet each other for the first time, too. You can definitely see the excitement in the photos...

and, my all-time favorite :

feel the love!!!!


LeggettFamily said...

That last one is just hilarious!

Jennifer said...

What a precious friendship! Adorable pictures!