Tuesday, February 7, 2012

my poor, poor blog

Dear Blog,
I think about you ALL the time - that is seriously no exaggeration!  As I am going throughout my day, I see things, or I think of random ideas, and I am immediately reminded of you, oh dear Blog.  I have all sorts of ideas that I would love to blog about, but....  there is this evil, evil monster called the Clock.  The clock just ticks away the time, and somehow, even when I meticulously plan for time with you, my dear Blog, that clock just rips my daydreams to shreds.  SOMETHING ALWAYS COMES UP.  Grrrr.  What's up with that?   It is so very frustrating, but I'll continue to day dream about the day when I have HUGE chunks of FREE time, with NOTHING to do besides what I WANT to do, and no INTERRUPTIONS, and no DISTRACTIONS.......     I wonder if... THEN, will I have anything to blog ABOUT....  ?????

Here's to 2012!