Monday, November 24, 2008

making progress

I am very excited about the progress made this weekend at the Leggett home! Instead of posting a "to do" list today, I'll post the "got it done!" list:
  • the nursery is painted - and beautiful! Thanks to MoMo, Aunt Dana, and cousins Chase and Travis! I love it! I know our sweet baby girl will love it, too!
  • we got the carpet pulled up and disposed of, and the underlying hardwood floors cleaned (in the nursery). Again, thanks to my wonderful family for taking iniative and helping us out with this
  • the curtains are hung in the nursery - they look great with the newly painted lavender walls
  • I washed tons of baby clothes, so now she has some things to wear. I organized them by size, too, for easy accessibility... since some people seem to think she will be born at size 6 months, skipping the newborn sizes that I have picked out for her first days in this world; ha ha.
  • Everyone is packed for the hospital, finally! And, all bags are sitting together, ready to be grabbed up in a moment's notice
  • got the play room organized... once. Jax loved the new look of the play room, and all of the new space for him to play with the abundance of toys he has... in fact, he loved it so much, it is no longer what I call "organized" but, nevertheless, all of the toys are in there- not scattered over the rest of the house
  • got several Christmas gifts ordered online, and made special arrangements for several other gifts - I only have a couple more things to get for Christmas, and I'll be done!
  • And, we also enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast at church on Sunday, and a precious Thanksgiving Program Sunday night, put on by the youngest children at church (birth to 5 years). Jax was an Indian, and was most facinated with the microphone. He sang with the other children, but I can't help but wonder what he would have done if he could have gotten that microphone for a moment! ha ha. We had nearly 30 kids on stage at once, and they all were remarkable. It was an enjoyable close to a busy weekend! We're looking forward to Thanksgiving - we have so much to be Thankful for! :-)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

now 2...

I don't have a lot of time to blog right now, but I just wanted to post a quick update. I had my weekly prenatal visit this morning, and doc says now we are officially at 2 cm! woah, this last little bit is going by way-fast! and, yes, that is a word. When you are 2 cm and prone to give birth at any time, you can create any word you want and the rest of the world is at liberty to accept it without question. ha. We also had an ultrasound today, and the baby's weight is estimated to be around 7 lbs now. We got some beautiful pictures - I so wish I could post them, but I just got prints this time - no CD. I will have to see if I can scan them in sometime... you know, in all of my spare time.
So you ask, how am I doing with that lengthy "to do" list that I blogged about last week... well, yeah, I am fully aware of that list and I think I might be able to mark, uh, maybe one thing off... the rest of the "to do list" is, well, er, still TO DO!!!! gotta get busy!

As we were talking about the baby, Jax picked up some of Baby Sister's 4D photos off of the counter last night (easily accessed using his handy dandy wadder - see previous post). He said, "er, Mama?!! This is Baby Sister??" "Yes," I responded. As he examined the photo a little closer, he exclaimed, "She's Brown!!!"
LOL - it is so funny how his little mind operates - so literal, and at the same time, so cute! You can see the 4D ultrasound photos in my previous post - you will notice that they are not in full-color as a regular photograph would be, but instead they do have a brownish hue.
hee hee.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

1 cm - panic mode

I had another prenatal visit yesterday, and the doc says time is closing in!! 1 cm dialated could mean that baby is very close to making her arrival. I technically have about 3 1/2 weeks until my due date, and I was really planning on making it til December, but now I'm seeing that there is a possibility that we may be getting a November baby! Ooooh, this is exciting for sure! But, at the same time, I can't help but race into panic mode! There's so much left to do: paint nursery, set up furniture in nursery, organize "stuff" for baby, buy a sweet "going home" outfit, finish Christmas shopping, prepare material for my substitute, finish grading my students' term papers & prepare final exams, photos for Christmas cards, install carseat for baby, buy a baby book, pack bag for hospital... Oh, and, PICK A NAME!!!!!!! I really wanted to have some things monogrammed, but, um, I guess that is out of the question since we don't have a name.
OH my, the "to do" list could go on and on. Although I have honestly tried to stay on top of things, I'm learning that it is MUCH more difficult the second time around. I don't want to take anything away from Jax, so I've been trying to do it all, but really nothing is complete and what I'd call "ready". Ugh. Not a good feeling.
I know I could go for a while at 1 cm... but on the other hand, I may not! If you see me in the next few days, just remember how anal I am about the "little things" and you'll understand why I look so tired and STRESSED! Prayers, please! I know it will all work out... but I can't help but worry about it in the meantime. Especially the name... what are we gonna do if we can't come up with a name in time? Pressure, pressure. I don't like pressured decisions. But, it seems, that's what we're gonna get - could someone just tell Josh to just say "ok"? That would solve the name debate right then and there. Maybe instead of asking everyone what we should name the baby, maybe we should just create a poll to see who you think should "give in" - me or Josh !!! Yeah, I think I could come up with a pretty good campaign. Oh, wait, I don't have time to campaign...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election day

As Jax and I were headed home from school/work this afternoon, we were discussing today's elections. I told him that today is a very important day, because we are electing a new President for our country. I tried to explain the voting process as simply as I could. Here's how our conversation went:
Me: I have to go vote. Do you want to help me vote?
Jax: Oh, yeah. I like boats, too.
Me: No, vote! We have to go vote for the new President.
Jax: oh, o-tay, I'll help shoe (you), Mama!
Me: Are you a Republican? or a Democrat?
Jax: huh?
Me: Are you a Republican?
Jax: naaaah-uh!!! I not a wa-pella-gwen! I a FIREFIGHTER!

Now, I'm glad that we got that all clear before we even arrived at the Voting booth! :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Jax had a blast this Halloween. He caught on very quickly: "trick-or-treat, thank you". For his costume he chose to be a "Firefighter". Ha! Bet you couldn't have guessed that!! So, we looked high and low for a Firefighter costume, but to no avail. Finally, we found a realistic one online. It fit perfectly, and Jax loves it! Now that Halloween is over, he can still play with his Firefighter gear while 'driving' his real firetruck at home.

We began the Halloween festivities with a "Trunk-Or-Treat" event at church, followed by a hay ride. All of the kids had a great time, and there were a LOT of them!!

Jax's class also went trick-or-treating around campus. He really enjoyed trick-or-treating with his classmates! He's still talking about it.

And, on Halloween night, we went Trick-or-treating in our community, mainly to family. It took us four hours to make six stops because Jax insisted on inviting himself into each home, and visiting for a while! He really didn't care about candy - he just wanted to visit!

Of course, what lil firefighter would skip trick-or-treating at the REAL firestation??? Jax visited for a while with "Tell-wee" (Kelly) P. and all of his real firefighter friends, too. They had plenty of candy to share, and of course, it was better than any other, because it was Firefighter-Approved!
And, baby sister! Well, even though she STILL has no official name, we made sure to include her in the Halloween fun. Her costume? A very cute and creative PUMPKIN!! Josh and Jax helped me to get her all painted up and ready to say "boo!"