Monday, March 30, 2009


I just realized that I forgot to post some of my favorite February pictures. So, I’ll backtrack a bit…
Back in February, we took Jax to the Dixie National Rodeo. This wasn’t his first rodeo, but it was still super fun. This was the first time for him to go to the Dixie National’s… or, as he calls it, "the Bull Show". He was all decked out in his very own size 1T Wranglers (!), western belt with his name on the back, John Deere boots WITH spurs, and his spiffy brand new cowboy hat (a birthday gift from Paw-Paw & Mo-Mo Leggett). We got there early, and Jax could hardly wait to see “the towboys [cowboys] ride the biggo [big ole] bulls.” Of course, the bull riding is always last so the wait was sorta long. Unfortunately, only one towboy(btw, that is pronounced just like cowboy, except with the T sound rather than C... NOT tow like "toe" but tow like "cow" ha) made the 8-second ride… the rest were thrown from the bull almost immediately upon release. I wasn’t wishing for anyone to get hurt, but I was hoping for a little more action so Jax could see the sport in full throttle. Oh well, that’s one aspect that is not predictable or controllable. Jax also enjoyed the rodeo clowns and horses and still talks about going to the Bull Show. I think his favorite part, aside from the Bulls, was getting to run around in the lovely red clay dirt on the floor while the Oak Ridge Boys were performing (the "half-time" show; ha). He met many other mini-towboys and proceeded to sword-fight with any who dared to come within four feet of him, regardless of rather the said mini-towboy had a sword for himself. I assume the impromptu sword-fighting was just for fun, as I saw no pretty maiden in tow after the jostling was over. That's just as well… I’d hate to have to run her off and hurt her feelings because Jax holds only Momma’s hand!

we got there early, so we waited in our seats... patiently... for the bull show.

And, we waited...

Until, FINALLY, the Bull Show began!!! Yay!