Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jax and his Wadder

I don't consider myself "tall" necessarily, but I am certainly no where near "short". Nevertheless, on occasion, I do need some assistance in reaching the top of the cabinets in my kitchen, etc. So, I have a handy-dandy collapsable ladder-style step-stool that I keep in the kitchen for those days. Well, Jax has recently discovered my "wadder" and he has taken it over! He INSISTS on helping out in the kitchen anytime I am in there, no matter what I am doing, and his vehicle for providing that wonderful assistance is the "wadder". He's like a mad-man, pushing that wadder all over the kitchen -- where ever I go, he's right on my heels, LITERALLY, with that wadder. As I walk from the sink to the stove, to the refrigerator, to the island countertop, to the microwave, etc., there he is right behind me with his wadder! Sometimes I'd like to chalk up my losses and get rid of that dang wadder! ha. But, since Jax insists on helping, I have decided to oblige him. Sometimes I get him to wash the pototoes or other vegetables that I may be using in my cooking endeavors, or he will push the buttons on the microwave for me, or he will stir something in a pot on top of the stove. Whatever he does to help, the wadder contributes a small part too! Most recently, Jax made muffins all by himself! Well, sorta. The wadder was there and helped, and of course I was there to direct and supervise. And, his Daddy was even in a "kitchen" mood and helped a little too - mostly taste-testing, but still, helping. Jax was so proud of himself and the muffins that he made. It was all his idea to make muffins, and he really enjoyed standing on his wadder to stir the batter and add all of the ingredients. He enjoyed eating them, too! Over the last couple of months (the post-wadder discovery period), I have come to realize that although Jax's help may mean a little more time to accomplish a task, it is well worth it, because he is learning so much! He's learning everything from number recognition (pushing number buttons on microwave), to safety (stove and oven are hot), to cleanliness (wash hands before cooking; wash vegetables before preparing; clean-up after using kitchen) to adaptation & improvision (if you can't reach the microwave, use the wadder! and if you can't reach the sink either, just push the wadder over to the sink!!).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just Listening...

Sunday evening, we picked up our lil' buddy, Brandon, and took him to church with us. Brandon just recently got a new baby sister at his house. The boys were in their car seats in the back. They were both having a good time, and were very excited. I was driving and enjoyed just listening to them as they carried on a conversation right by themselves! Let me paraphrase:
Jax: Shoe [you] have Wiggles?
Brandon: huh?
J: Shoe have Wiggles at shoe house?
B: oh, no, I have [some movie that I couldn't decipher]
J: Oh! O-tay, Dreat [great]
B: and, i have a baby at my house Jax Weggett!
J: I have a baby too
B: but my baby is out!
J: oh. my baby is not out
B: your baby is in your mommy's tummy
J: yeah, my baby is in mama's bel-wee [belly]
B: well, my baby is out. Your baby will come out soon
J: yep, it's almost time but not yet
B: I have a baby sister at my house
J: Oh! Dreat. I need to see shoe baby sister, Brandon
B: ok, you can see my baby sister at my house
J: Oh, Dreat. my baby sister will come out soon and i will show her to shoe
B: ok! I don't like chocolate milk, Jax.
J: shoe don't have choc-y milk? wheres shoe cup?
B: um, uh, um I... um...
J: don't worwy [worry], Brandon, we'll get shoe a cup. At church
B: I don't like chocolate milk, Jax.

It's amazing how they are just "little people" ... it is so neat to watch them interact. Brandon is 3 and Jax will be 3 very soon, and they already have this communication thing down pat! So sweet!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall photos - Jax

I convinced Jax to put on his overalls for a few "fall" photos. He's getting older, because he really didn't want to wear the overalls I picked out, and he really didn't want to have his picture made at all... so I ended up just following him around and snapping shots when he wasn't exactly expecting it. I just thought getting pictures of an infant was hard!! Now, I have to come up with creative games and bribes, and not only that - NOW I also have to repond to the never-ending Why?'s -- just to get some PICTURES!!

Nevertheless, I was pleased with the "Fall" pictures that we ended up with. After all of that effort, I just had to share them!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Starting in the middle: 4-D ultrasound photos

I feel like I'm starting this blog in the middle of the story... but, hey, I guess better late than never! :)

We had a 4-d ultrasound done yesterday and I have to tell you - it was absolutely amazing!! Our little nameless girl was doing all sorts of tricks for us - quite a little performer already! Having the 4-d done makes me question even more: how can anyone that has experienced pregnancy and new life either directly or indirectly not believe in God? Or, not believe that is a real human being in there? Wow, the experience is overwhelming - so amazing - such a miracle! The 4-d ultrasound is definitely something I would recommend to friends who are expecting. It made me even more EXCITED about this little girl that will soon join us, and it really got me pumped about getting all of the preparations done ... a strongER sense of nesting, I suppose. Now, I'm really anxious to get the bedding, furniture, and room set up; the clothes bought, washed, and organized; AND get a name selected!!! Enough of my To-Do list... let's get to the pictures! Introducing.... well, I wish I could insert a name here, but, ugh, don't have that done yet... so... Introducing... "Baby Sister" Leggett (that's what Jax calls her so far... or, sometimes it's "Just Sister"!)

Isn't this just the sweetest photo? Look at the little hands, and such a sweet, angelic face!

Yawning... it's hard work being a babe!

Yep, that's a foot very near to her mouth. She's a flexible girl! She liked to keep her hands and feet very close to her face.

Profile. So sweet!

Tasting fingers...

Hhhm... Fingers must not be very tasty! Isn't this the cutest little grimace ever?

Foot and Hand (right in her face)

I could post pictures for days. This thing is so neat. We got a video recording of the entire ultrasound also. I wish I could share it with you too because the "moving" pictures make it all so much more real, and easier to "see".

I am 30 weeks along, so it won't be much longer before little ... uh... well, she still doesn't have a name yet... so I guess I can say.... ... it won't be much longer before our little girl is here! December 9 is the due date! Ok, yeah, I know, she REALLY needs a name! We're working on it... just slow progress. ha. How 'bout this? You can post your name suggestions on my brand new blog! Yeah, that will be fun. We'll take all suggestions into consideration at least. So, go for it!

Giving it a try

I've been wanting to start a blog for a long, long time. But, it's been one of those things that I have been putting off because I knew it could get quite time consuming once I got started. I set up the site weeks ago and have been working on it a little at a time. Now, I think I'm finally ready to go live with it! yay! I'm really excited about my new blog! Thanks for reading! Bookmark me, and check back when you can!