Wednesday, October 14, 2009

to make you laugh

Are words really needed for these photos? I hope you have a happy, JOYful Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

write about your summer break

I am so far behind on my blogging, it ain't even funny.
But I really don't know why I expect any different... I am consistently behind on EVERYTHING! ugh.

I have TONS of pictures to post from the summer (and even more that I haven't even VIEWED since taking them - they're still on my memory card!).

We stayed busy, busy, busy during the summer days. And, even after all 3 (!) of the kids were in bed, I'd stay up half the night doing the things that I wanted to do - there was no time for my chores or hobbies during the daytime!

Of course, I tried to blog some at night, but dial-up was very frustrating. I did some cleaning, and tried to organize a bit, but never could really label either of those tasks as completely "accomplished". So, they remain on the list, even though summer is over, like many of my other "to do's".

I also did a little sewing, and I learned to make bows for Joy, so I toyed around with those two new hobbies in my late night "me" time. Here's a few pics:

my first attempt at an A-line dress. I took a class for the specific purpose of learning how to sew a lined A-Line dress. Since Joy has many summer clothes, I decided to contruct an 18-month size for next summer's wardrobe. So, she won't be wearing this one for a while. Hopefully, she'll have some little boots by the time she grows into this dress. The cowgirl fabric is so cute, and will be perfect with little pink boots I think!
Next, I decided to try the lined A-line dress on my own. I even got a little creative with the flower applique. I guessed on sizing and came up with this one, which is still too big for this summer, but oh well; more for next summer's wardrobe!So I tried it a third time, cutting down the size even more, and this time, it worked! Joy wears this little dress quite well! It is pink John Deere fabric with brown accents. Looks great with her pink/brown John Deere soft-sole boots.

Next, I tried a top/pants set. I picked out the pattern, materials, etc. all by myself. Those patterns - whew- it is like reading greek to me! So I was proud of myself in being able to pick it out and buy all the things I needed to make the outfit, then go home and actually put it all together. It was fun, too!

she would NOT put down the blankie long enough for a picture of the outfit! I'm thinking Modeling is not going to be a part of her future, if she keeps this blankie-attachment going, gah! Here's another outfit (and better modeling, except for the mysterious location, LOL):

Before returning to work, I had the opportunity to take another one of Jennifer's sewing classes. It was so much fun to make a sweet pair of bloomers to match the first dress that I made. I still love the fabric. These are gonna be cutie patootie next summer with the matching a-line dress! Tune in next year for pictures of her wearing the ensemble! :-)

And, Jax. I could not forget my dear sweet boy. It is harder to find things to make for a boy who demands only jeans and t-shirts for his daily attire! However, I did find that he was quickly outgrowing his current supply of pj's.... so... viola! --I just whipped up a couple pairs for him! (ha ha)

The first set has construction equipment on them, and the second set has John Deere tractors. I know it is odd to see a child with both pj's and a backpack on at the same time. Let me explain. The second photo was taken on "Pajama Day" - a fun part of Homecoming Week at Co-Lin. Jax really enjoyed getting to wear his PJ's to school that day, and has requested to do it again! LOL