Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall photos - Jax

I convinced Jax to put on his overalls for a few "fall" photos. He's getting older, because he really didn't want to wear the overalls I picked out, and he really didn't want to have his picture made at all... so I ended up just following him around and snapping shots when he wasn't exactly expecting it. I just thought getting pictures of an infant was hard!! Now, I have to come up with creative games and bribes, and not only that - NOW I also have to repond to the never-ending Why?'s -- just to get some PICTURES!!

Nevertheless, I was pleased with the "Fall" pictures that we ended up with. After all of that effort, I just had to share them!


Angela said...

OMG, he is getting so big! These are great!

Susann said...

precious lil man! LOVE the close up shot of his face!! Great job Neish!

Laura Lofton said...


These are precious! He has really changed since I saw him last...just wait until you have two to try to get to smile at the same's nearly impossible :)

Dana said...

This is great.....Pics are really good ones. good job!!

HSTINGLEY =0) said...

These are too cute!! He looks so grown up! Can't wait to see ya'll's baby girl either. Lots of hugs to all of you!