Friday, February 27, 2009

Go, Dog, Go!

Do you remember this book from your childhood?
Tonight, Jax "read" Go Dog Go to his MoMo. He did a wonderful job!! I was actually shocked: I have read the book to him only twice, and he basically told the story by looking at the pictures WORD FOR WORD to her tonight!!! She would confirm that he was "reading" the story correctly and he would comment "Wow, I wheel-wee can weed!"
I am so proud of him! And it was exciting to see his self-confidence boosting as he "read" more and more.
But, I have to throw this out there... all my Teacher Friends can tell me if I am crazy or not.... I am pretty sure that the word "good-bye" is misspelled multiple times throughout the book. It is "good-bye," and not "good-by" as the book states, right???? If I am correct, I have to say that I am sort of disappointed that such a classic could be teaching beginning readers incorrectly ("good-by"). There's no telling how many children learned to read through books like this one. Of course, most children would not notice and probably would not know the difference at this age, nor become traumatized even if they did notice. But, I guess you could say that this is another one of those things that I have been pondering over, and can't quite come to a firm conclusion on my own. So what's the opinion of my blog readers?


Angela said...

How unfortunate! Goodbye is in fact misspelled. I would have to write a letter to the publishing company.

Susann said...

Way to go, Jax!! So proud of you!

However, your Mommy needs to hurry up and get back to work because from the sound of her last 2 posts, she's about to LOSE IT!

LOL!!! Love ya, Neisha :o)

Jennifer said...

What a smart boy!!!

Anonymous said...

Many old books have misspellings. I once found a Betty Crocker cookbook with the word "Cooky" in the title. That was how they spelled cookie back then. I wish the publishers would update books designed for kids though.

Unknown said...

Just received a bunch of old books from a friend and my five-year-old grandson read go Dog go yesterday I was horrified to see the misspelling of the word goodbye and wondered if it had been corrected in later printings