Sunday, February 1, 2009

Priorities: honey-do's or hunting??

We got all of the nursery furniture put together except for the armoire. I finally convinced Josh to tackle this very last piece so that I could begin to organize all of Joy’s clothes and other items in her room. I was so excited when he disappeared in Joy’s room – he was finally going to finish it! Ten minutes later, he comes out of Joy’s room, and says, “Neisha, this thing has a million pieces! I’m not putting this together; I’m going hunting!!” And that was it. The armoire still lies in the floor, mere pieces, begging to be assembled for my sweet girl. I was a little perturbed that he had made the executive decision to go hunting instead of completing his task, but I was not surprised. And, just a couple hours later, this is what I saw:
I don’t generally like taking pictures of dead animals, but Josh was absolutely thrilled with his trophy and I was happy to preserve the moment for him. I was even happier that he finally got a big buck, so that I could plan his time more wisely for him, ha; specifically, get that armoire done!


hstingley said...

Love little Joy's room...even though it took her daddy awhile to put everything together-you know our men, hunting takes priority over everything until they "kill" the big one. Glad to see all the pics!