Sunday, February 1, 2009

Birthday Boy

Jax had a birthday party on Jan. 24th. We down-sized tremendously since we have a newborn in the house, now. I am still very nervous about getting Joy around too many children, because I certainly don’t want to have a sick newborn! Everything with the party worked out well – Joy slept the entire time and the kids all had a good time playing in the Play Room, as evidenced by every single toy so strategically placed in the middle of the floor rather than on the shelves and in the bins. We really didn’t do any sort of “entertainment” because 1) activities are tough for Winter birthdays and 2) we weren’t expecting a lot of guests this year. Josh and I did get Jax a swing set for his birthday, and we intended to have it up and ready for the kids to play on if the weather was nice…. But it didn’t arrive in time! Oh well, the play room was just as good, it seems. Jax was just happy to have his friends over to play with him.

we loved the cake - I think the lil cowboy looks like Jax! Thanks Ms Lisa! It was yummy, too!

Everyone wore their Cowboy attire to the party, including Joy, when she finally did wake up from her beauty sleep!


Susann said...

ha ha!! Everyone except Korben who doesn't own much cowboy attire. LOL!! AND...there's no way I would have been able to pry his "purple Geaux Tigers" cap off of his head anyway. They're inseperable these days.

Which swing set did ya'll end up getting? E-mail me a link or something. We're still looking.