Monday, February 2, 2009

6+ weeks - 'portraits'

I planned to have Joy’s picture made professionally at 6 weeks, mainly because Jax’s first professional pics were taken at this age. Well, with all of the birthday party planning, I failed to research professional photographers to find one good enough to photograph my baby (just kiddin’! I mainly needed to research prices and availability). Anyway, at last minute, I mentioned it to a couple friends to get suggestions and opinions. Josh overheard and quickly (but unsolicited) threw out his opinion: I should do them myself. Hhhm. I had thought of this, but was just scared to try it, I suppose. As the party got closer, and other things unfolded which took my time, I ended up deciding to take some pics myself, mainly due to time. I decided to give it a shot myself first, and THEN find a professional if needed. Here’s a few of my attempts. I still think I would have liked a few professional photos but time ticked by so fast, she would have been well past the 6 week mark by the time I got around to booking a professional. So, I guess we’ll go with the professional at 3 months… I should probably start thinking about and planning that right now (being that she is already 8 weeks old now!).
These pics, by-the-way, were actually taken at 7 weeks. I had good intentions to get the 6-week pics, but… what can I say?! I’m not a professional. Ha.


Marsha said...

She is Absolutley are doing great with the pictures too!

StephF said...

Love, love, love the sleeping baby photo! Precious!!

And don't be so hard on yourself about not getting the pics done when you planned. Have a few more & you'll just be glad to have a picture at all, ha! Ana Claire has only had one set of professional pics & that was for the church directory. :-)