Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is how I Blog...

Just in case you are wondering, I type the journal portions of my blog posts as the events occur, or as soon as I get a chance... Then, I go back and add the pictures for several posts all at once. Having dial-up at our house makes it very difficult to upload photos. I usually take my digital pics to Walgreens to have them printed, and I order the photo CD as well. They always place a file of "low resolution" photos on the CD in addition to the regular photo files. (i haven't figured out how to save digital images as "low resolution" myself) Once I have the photos in "low resolution" they are no problem to upload... it is very quick and easy for us dial-up users in the boonies!
I thought I'd post my process so that you'd understand why a bunch of posts "appear" all at once, and also as advice for anyone else who is stuck with dial-up as the only option... maybe "low resolution" will save you a lot of time, too!

With that being said, check out the updates I made to my blog... I finally added photos and published several posts (8 to be exact; there are a couple in "january" too) tonight in between bathing and feeding all my children.