Friday, April 24, 2009

Super Triker

I know, I am very late in posting these, but I'm trying to play "catch-up". I probably should just skip the things that happened more than a couple weeks ago and just post about the current stuff instead. But I can't. It just goes along with my Type A personality... you know, very anal, control freak, can't let go... yep, that's me.

Anyway, Jax participated in the annual Trike-A-Thon at school again this year (4-3-2009). He had a blast, too! All of the little ones (from little babies all the way to a whopping 4-years-old) brought their trikes, strollers, bikes, and other ride-on's to school and they got to ride around the track. Of course, the other half of this activity was collecting money from friends and family- we did that before the day of the big Ride. ALL of the kids did an excellent job raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and they got to have fun at the same time! I believe the total amount raised was around $3,000! That's wonderful! Jax said he was riding for Felder, even though Felder isn't a St. Jude Patient (he goes to Batson Children's Hospital in Jackson for his treatments), but it's his thoughtfulness that counts. Jax rode 7 laps around the football field. He wanted to ride more, but it was time to go inside. You can see the disappointment on his face in the last photos… I can’t believe his legs were still working after riding almost 2 miles on his trike (4 laps = 1 mile).

Thanks to everyone who helped Jax raise money for the sick kids who can't get out and ride their bikes like he can... we are truly blessed!