Tuesday, April 7, 2009

kickin chicken

Joy is into mobiles and anything "hanging" for her to swat and kick at. And, ooooh can she go, too! Put her below a mobile or something fun swinging around, and she will kick, kick, kick with excitement. Here she is checking out the jungle animals dancing for her.

It's just so much fun!


By-the-way, that's Josh's cradle... it was hand-made by a family member when he was born, so he to used to sleep in this very cradle. I bet he didn't have colorful teddy bears on his sheets, though! My mom made these sheets, because we couldn't find any to buy that would fit this large cradle. Jax got to use this cradle when he was a wee one too. Maybe we can start a new family tradition; fun!


StephF said...

A family heirloom... How special! :-)