Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meet I-Rock

Meet I-Rock. Or, maybe it's Iraq. or Irock. Or, I guess it could be EyeRock. I'm not really sure how to spell it, but he's Jax's new pet. sort of.
You see, Jax found and virtually confiscated I-Rock at the Roberts' home one afternoon when we dropped by for a visit. They have large rocks lining a small drainage ditch near the sidewalk in front of their house. Jax has been amazed by the size of these rocks for several months now, and I guess he finally picked one that he wanted to make his own.
"Can I keep this one?" he asked. Oh geez, what do we need a rock for? I don't know if he knew either, but for some reason he had made an instant friend and insisted on bringing it home.
On the way home, Jax told me all about I-Rock from his car seat in the back seat. "It's name is gonna be I-Rock!" he exclaimed. I could not understand what he was saying. I-Rock didn't make any sense to me. Surely I was misunderstanding him. I repeatedly asked him over and over what the rock's name was, and everytime he responded with the same answer "I-Rock" and he would confirm when I tried to pronounce it myself. So, I-Rock it is! I guess. ha.
The next day, Jax took I-Rock to school. That afternoon when I picked him up, I grabbed his bag and other belongings out of his cubby but failed to notice the giant rock. He had pushed it far back in his cubby so that no one would bother I-Rock. And I didn't see it. We loaded up, headed out, and made it just a little bit down the road when Jax suddenly started squealing "I-Rock! I-Rock!" and he insisted on turning around to retrieve it. I rushed back to his classroom and managed to catch his teacher before she locked the door. There it was ... right there in his cubby, just like he said it would be. I grabbed the rock and ran back to the tahoe and tossed the lonely rock to Jax. He immediately started petting it, and said "Oh, I-Rock! I'm so happy to see shoe [you]! I'm so saw-wee [sorry] that i weft [left] shoe [you]. I saw-wee, saw-wee, I-Rock. I just FORLEAVED shoe!"

So, beat that Webster!
I bet even Webster don't know that word - FORLEAVED.

After we arrived home, I-Rock underwent some precautionary testing by Dr. Jax but no physical or psychological effects were found following the traumatic event.
Apparently, even rocks have stressful days sometimes.

After I-Rock was forleaved, a lesson was learned and Jax left I-Rock at home from then on. Instead, he just packs his pockets full of little bitty rocks from the playground to bring home every day. One afternoon, he pulled a small rock out of his pocket as we were on our way home and said, "Look Momma! I got a little baby rock for Joy! It's name can be A-Rock!"

oh dear!........