Monday, April 20, 2009

strange photo props

I've shared with you before that I'm really not into taking pictures of animals. Well, uh-hem, I don't mind taking pictures of animals... it's just a little strange to take pictures of DEAD animals to me... or, anything DEAD for that matter...

Anyway, Josh went turkey hunting and bagged a nice gobbler (so they say... i wouldn't know myself), and he rushed home so that I could take his picture with the 'trophy'.


ok, I couldn't even bring myself to put the '!' beside the 'yay' ...even in type.

Anyway, don't get me wrong -- I was ecstatic that Josh had finally got him, but just not enthusiastic about taking pictures of the dead bird. One or two pictures so that he could show it to fellow hunters later... okay, yeah, maybe I can kinda understand that... but I don't consider a dead turkey a trendy prop for family photos.

But, Josh does.

So, here's the pics of my innocent children with the dead bird that their daddy killed and grilled. I'm sure they see the value better than I do.

OH! Excuse me, did I really just cut the bird out of the picture? I'm sorry... I thought I was just thinking about doing that... didn't realize it actually happened. Uh-ah-hem. Here we go - this is the one you all really wanted to see:

I will be willing to negotiate photo session dates if anyone else in the area is interested in having their photo made with a real-live celebrity --- no! I mean, real-dead celebrity!


Dana said...

This was just too it
I just love your expressions with this blog cool !