Friday, April 24, 2009

Angela's new hobby

Angela has a new hobby, and she was oh-so-sweet to let little miss Joy join in on her fun! Angela called one afternoon and asked me to stop by her office before I left work, because she had a little 'happy' for Joy Thanks, Ang! - I loved the bows and flower hair accessories she had made for Joy, and Joy likes them too. For now. She hasn't yet discovered how to pull the bows out of her hair. But, I'm sure it's coming, as Angela says that her precious Amelia has already made the discovery that they are indeed removeable. Amelia, let's just keep that little secret to ourselves for a while longer, k? Speaking of bows, wow, Joy and I have come a long way since this desperate post!


Angela said...

Aw, glad y'all like them! She looks precious with her flower headband!