Tuesday, April 21, 2009

she's a bumbo baby

No, not Bimbo... BUMBO!

Have you seen these? It's called a Bumbo: It's a really cool sitting apparatus. Joy loves hers. We did not have one with Jax, but are quickly becoming spoiled with this little booger. They are super light, and hold the baby upright, which is what our Princess loves. Yes, she already believes she is above 'reclining' - she likes to sit up straight (or stand up!) so that she can see everything that's going on! She don't miss much! These bumbos are also oh-so-handy when you need TWO HANDS to do a quick task. Here's Joy helping me prepare her next meal


Angela said...

Love the Bumbo! I even use ours instead of the high chair sometimes to feed Amelia. Her little legs are getting a little too fat for it though!

kit said...

I always love our Bumbo!!