Monday, April 20, 2009

Sometimes you like the doghouse

Jax likes the doghouse.
I'm talking about the literal doghouse, not the old saying.

Not long ago, Josh and I had a conversation with Jax about marriage, and that's when we discovered that we should have had the conversation with him much sooner because... he already had plans regarding marriage without us even knowing!!!
The conversation went something like this:

me: Jax, did you know that Uncle Jesse is getting married?
Jax: yep
me: Oh?! you did?
Jax: yep, he's gonna get mare-weed [married] to Ashwee [Ashley]. I knew that.
me: oh, ok. That's right, he's going to marry Ashley soon.
Jax: sorta like Robin Hood?
me: um, I don't know... does Robin Hood get married?
Josh: well, yeah!! He marries Maid Marion at the end of the movie.
Jax: Yeah, his sister!
Josh: no, not his sister - she is his girlfriend! And when they get married, she is his wife!
me: Do you have a girlfriend Jax?
Jax: yep. Jill! The bwack [black] one.
Josh: oooh! And, do you have a wife?
Jax: well, Momma can be my wife.
Josh: no, she's my wife. But if you marry your girlfriend like Robin Hood did, maybe Jill will be your wife one day!
Jax: oh! ok! dreat! [great] my dirlfriend [girlfriend] is gonna be my wife too! Jill is my dirlfriend - the bwack one... not the yellow one, the bwack one can be my wife! yay!

And, so, you may be wondering what this entire story about marriage and dirlfriends and wives has to do with Jax hanging out in the doghouse... well ... Meet Jill.
And, if you haven't already guessed, that's Jill's doghouse.
I wonder if Jax will propose to Jill on her porch, like his Daddy proposed to me? LOL
If they last, and they do get married, at least Jill already has a house, and they won't have to scramble to find somewhere to live... and it's close to ours, so I will never be too far away from my baby!

Jax and Jill (hee hee !) -- the latest "item"


Mrs. Robert Anthony Webb said...

lol that is too cute! That really made my day!

Dana said...

LOL.....Neisha this is too cute.As I was reading, I was thinking Jax must be talking about a little black girl at school named Jill !! Never thought of the dog but I must say that I was much relieved that it was the dog and not a black girl!!!! so funny!!!!!!!!!!