Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas tradition

It is just one of those things you do... even if you are only a week and a few days old.
Every kid, big or small, just must have a picture made with Santa Claus at Christmas time!
So, I monitored Santa's schedule and made sure we were the first in line to see the jolly elf, so that baby Joy wouldn't be exposed to other kids and all their germs. And, so that Santa's hands also would be less contaminated too; ha (but I was prepared to insist that Santa try out my blueberry-scented Germ-X if necessary!) I carried her in her car seat carrier, covered with not one, but two blankets for an extra shield against those afore mentioned germs. Jax was most helpful in this undercover operation. Joy slept from the time we loaded her in the car til we got back home. Santa was our one and only stop for this outing, and she never even knew she met him. BUT!-- we got the picture! (I will have to try to scan them when they come in)

Jax was very excited to see Santa for a second time this year. He also spoke with Santa briefly at a Christmas party at church. Today, he told Santa that he would like a helicopter, a plane, and a digger. When Santa asked what to bring for his new baby sister, Jax replied, "hhmm, just bring her a toy she can chew on"!!