Saturday, December 27, 2008

a Christmas Eve of characters

On Christmas Eve, my immediate family came over to our house for our annual Christmas celebration. My nephews are grown - ages 19 and 16- so my children served as the entertainment. Jax refused to wear what I had picked out for him. He refused to wear what his Daddy picked out for him. He would only wear his "Tarzan outfit", which, in case you couldn't guess, consists of his underwear only. I begged him to put some clothes on - any clothes - so that he would at least be clothed in my snapshots. I tried to convince him that he would one day regret his decision to go Tarzan, that he was creating blackmail material... but nothing worked. His recent fascination with Tarzan has caused many such arguments; he doesn't seem to understand that the Tarzan movie obviously did not take place in the winter, nor does he understand that Tarzan is not real, and certainly not a genius to mimic to that extreme. Nevertheless, in his 2-year-old mind, Tarzan is the best. So, Tarzan it is. Here's Tarzan opening a few gifts.

Meanwhile, while Tarzan is jumping off the couch, scouring at family members, and ripping bows off of boxes, little Joy silently plays her favorite Disney character too: Sleeping Beauty. While Tarzan creates a rather loud atmosphere with all of his charades, Sleeping Beauty is not
bothered one bit. She slept right through the Tarzan performance, eating, opening gifts and even good-byes and well-wishes as everyone went home at the end of the evening.


Susann said...

Absolutely hilarious AND precious!! Yep...Jax is in for it when he gets older. ha ha!!

That's one movie that we don't have yet. Need to get it I guess.