Saturday, December 27, 2008

A very merry Christmas

Christmas was a fun, exciting time for us, but also a very hectic, busy day! Thank goodness the weather was rather "warm" so we decided to take Joy out to the family festivities.

We started our morning by waking Jax up... at about 9:30!!! He stumbled into the living room and immediately spotted the empty plate and glass that Santa left. Josh pointed him towards the Christmas tree, where he saw the (unwrapped) shiny yellow Digger, and it was love at first sight. He wasn't really interested in opening his other presents, nor Joy's... he just wanted to play with the "shiff-fez" (shifts) on his new digger. After much convincing, he opened his other presents but he had no time within his agenda to assist Joy with her gifts. Nevertheless, she didn't care -- She just happily slept on.

We had lunch at Josh's parents' house and Jax really enjoyed playing with cousins Gavin and Laney. Joy, well, she just continued to sleep. But, she looked beautiful all the while, in her red Santa dress, hat, and white furry boots! Jax and Gavin both received a mini-DRUM SET from the grandparents... ah, every parent's dream -- THANKS! They serenaded us with lovely tunes ("Bad to the Bone" "Bad Boys" and "What this world needs is a few more Rednecks" ha!) into the afternoon.

Jax on left; Gavin on right; and Joy snoozes on...

No one could wake her!

Next, we traveled to Great Aunt JoAnn's for a quick visit with my extended family. It was the first time for many of them to meet Joy. We introduced her, passed her around for everyone to hold, and took pictures, all while Joy slept. Sleeping Beauty she is!