Thursday, December 18, 2008


Snow in Mississippi! It's not a headline that we see often, but this year, it has happened twice! In January, on the day of Jax's 2nd birthday party, we saw lots and lots of the white stuff, and for the second time in 2008, we saw lots of snow again on Thursday (12-11-08). It seems that snow is rare, but when it occurs it is on the day of a big event in the Leggett family. This most recent snow fell the day we brought Joy home from the hospital. Her first view of the outside world was all white! Not many children in Mississippi will be able to say that it was snowing when they were brought home from the hospital! Joy didn't seem to mind the cold - she slept all the way home. I guess at 2 days old, snow is not real interesting. ha.

This is what we saw out of our hospital room window when we woke up Thursday morning:

And, here's our little bundle of Joy, all ready to go home!

for some reason, this pic is stubborn; i couldn't get it to rotate. sorry.