Thursday, December 18, 2008

JOY at home

Once we made it home, Jax was super-excited and anxious to introduce Joy to all of his favorite toys and he was especially hoping she would enjoy Tarzan (the movie) with him. He wanted to hold her, and kept giving her "sugar". He's a protective big brother already!

Welcome home, Baby Sister!!!


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful and Jax looks like a very doting brother. Congratulations on your early Christmas present.
Jennie Hensarling

hstingley =0) said...

I am so happy for ya'll with your little bundle of "joy". Jax will be an excellent big brother for her! Hope everything is going well for ya'll...and that she'll look like you and not Josh. Just kidding! We do miss ya'll and we will have to catch up soon. Lots of hugs to you, Josh, big bro Jax, and your little angel.