Thursday, January 13, 2011

the Water Carnival

Speaking of small-town-traditions, I have another small town event that I haven't yet reported on my blog.  This year (Aug. 2010) was the first time we got to participate in the Water Carnival.  I sometimes have to rethink my words, because I am quick to assume that everyone knows what the Water Carnival is...  however, it is apparently NOT a national phenomenon and most people outside of Lincoln County have no clue of what it is.  As a matter of fact, if you ARE a Lincoln Countian, you STILL may not know what the Water Carnival is because, for some reason, some parts of this traditional event have been changed over the years, including the name of the event.  It is now known as the Lions Club Beauty Pageant.  This revamped name more accurately reflects what it is I guess, but being the small town traditionalist that I am, I STILL call it "Water Carnival."  I'm no historian, and I certainly was not yet living when this annual event began, but I am assuming it was originally called "Water Carnival" because it was a pageant where all contestants wear Swimsuits - no dresses, etc!  The modernized version of the event allows swimwear for the little girls only now, and the big girls have to wear traditional pageant gowns/dresses.  I hate that - I like the uniqueness of the "Water Carnival" but I guess there are probably some valid reasons for changing to the new standards. Anywho, I have long dreamed of the time when MY little GIRL would be in the Water Carnival.  Joy missed the age limit by just a few months for the 2009 pageant (must be 1 year by the time of the event - she wasn't 1 until 4 months later), so you can bet we were READY for the 2010 event.  I was really nervous that she would not WANT to be in it... but that idea was quickly squashed when we began trying on potential swimsuits (glitzed up, of course) --- she LOVED them!  As a matter of fact, she PICKED OUT her own swimsuit!  Not even 2 years old, and already got an eye for it!  That's my girl!    My next concern was Josh.  Y'all know him - the stubborn southern good ol' country boy - he has always said "no no no" to the idea of pageants.  But, I told him, THIS is not a pageant... THIS is THE Water Carnival!!!!  (at least in my mind anyway)  I was shocked that he really didn't say much at all about it.
Okay, okay, so I'll skip over some of the detailed details!  I'm realizing that my readers may not be "into" this event as much as I was.  But, can I say here that this Water Carnival was SO. MUCH. FUN. !!!!!!   We both had a blast, and I was SO PROUD of my little bit.  SHE even PLACED!  That wasn't something that I emphasized, because I do not want to create a pageant monster, but that lil fact did make me smile, so I'm throwing it in here!

All of those pictures were taken backstage before the pageant started.  She LOVED the bling on her suit, and the fancy ribbon accessory on her foot... she's... such a GIRL!  Yay!  I love it!
So, now, on to the stage photos.
We don't have any!
Can you believe that? 
Well, you see, we Leggett's can't seem to pull anything off without a hitch.  About 30 minutes before we were supposed to be at the event, Josh got called out to a wreck 2 counties away.  It was a fatality and would require extra documentation and markings of the scene.  I was soooooo FRUSTRATED!  He would not be able to see his daughter in her very first stage debut!  Can we say UP-SET ?!!  I was.  Joy had no clue, but I was soooo disappointed that her Daddy would not be in that audience cheering her on.  I had to remind myself many times that some other family was experiencing a crisis far more important, and THEY needed him more at that very moment.  That is very, very hard to do.  But it is a conversation that I have to have with myself frequently, as there is never really a convenient time for a fatality. 
So Joy and I carried on.  And everything was fine.  I had my camera with me backstage, and Josh wasn't there for me to pass it off to as we approached the stage.  But, it's ok.  My camera ended up being entertainment for the little ones backstage, so it all worked out in the end.
Miss Prissy-and-Independent navigated that stage like a pro!  She was precious, if I do say so myself!
Here's some snaps that I took backstage as we were waiting for our turn to enter the stage!  That's her friend Layla, who is just 3 months older than Joy.  I am so glad that these 2 girls will get to share so many events and experiences together, just like Layla's mother and I did throughout our childhood years.  So fun!


Angela said...

Joy looked precious in her swimsuit! So glad you are posting more now! I need to see shoe birthday party pics!

Jennifer said...

She is soooo adorable!!!