Friday, January 14, 2011

lovely weather for a pic-nic

During Fall Break (October 2010), we had the most beautiful weather!  So, the kids and I planned a little pic-nic for lunch, right in our very own front yard.  It was the best idea, we all enjoyed our meal, as well as the time relaxing under the tall, tall pines.
I took my camera along, of course. 
 Each of the kids chose one "guest" to attend our pic-nic.  Since our pic-nic plans were spontaneous, their guest selection was limited.  Jax brought along his squirrel, and Joy chose her dog.  We also packed along one of my favorite books from childhood, The Berenstein Bears' Picnic. 

We enjoyed a meal of Dinosaur shaped ham sandwiches, Cheese-It crackers, and string cheese, with a Rice Krispy Treat for dessert.  We also sampled the new JellyBelly Lemonade that I stumbled upon in Walgreens the day before.  YUM.

THEN, I stretched out on the picnic blanket and laughed hysterically as these two crazy kids engaged in an impromptu Lawn Mower Race.  I enjoyed the entertainment, and I especially enjoyed listening to them giggle and chat as they played together.  It made for a great lazy afternoon, and a super adventure for a Fall Break, even though we didn't really "go" anywhere at all.