Tuesday, January 11, 2011

small town FAIR

So, I am reeeaaaallllly liking this new and improved photo uploading tool on Blogger!  
So, I thought I'd upload some more old pictures from last summer.  HA!  Hey, hey, I'm working my way up to the most recent events in the Leggett household, K?! ~I'm getting caught up here!  

These photos need little explanation, much like my last post of Beach photos.  These are from the annual Brookhaven Exchange Club Fair last August (2010).  Jax and Joy ENJOYED themselves, and I had a ball as well.  Josh got OLD sometime between the time we started dating, when he would ride any ride out there, (and even make efforts to make them more swirly, spinny, scary, etc. than what they actually were) and the present, when he refused to get on anything!  But, I do believe he enjoyed himself just the same - he enjoyed talking and socializing! Because at a small town fair, it is just one big reunion of old friends - the rides are just a side item.  :-)

Joy LOVED the carousel!  This child WOULD NOT get off!  We learned that inflation has even hit the carousel at the fair - $1 per ride is at least twice the amount my parents paid for me to ride the very same horsies as a kiddo!  ;-) 

Jax LOVED the Farris Wheel - the big one!  He was not hesitant one bit!  As a matter of fact, he went to the fair with full intentions of riding THE farris wheel.  His Daddy watched from a distance, and took a few snapshots for us.
Jax had already sailed thru the big Ferris Wheel experience, but he was just as happy to serve as a riding partner for Joy on the little ferris wheel.  They were so cute and he took good care of his little sister, making sure that she didn't get up or fall during the ride.

COTTON CANDY - a fair staple!

They both loved the cars.  A fair classic for kiddos, for sure.  I love how they chose to ride together rather than separately, even though there was plenty of "single driver" cars available.  They both wanted to ride together. 

Driving takes determination!  Their facial expressions here are priceless!  They seem to perfectly represent me and Josh, and our different approaches to driving (and other concentration-oriented tasks).  I'll let you figure out which child's expression represents me, and which one is a good reflection of him.  LOL

The Exchange Club Fair is so much fun!  No, it's not a theme park with super duper rides that attract people from all over the world.  It's small.  And it's old.  As a matter of fact, I believe ALL of the rides at the Exchange Club Fair could be easily considered antique!  I mean, they were OLD when I was a kid.  But, I wouldn't change this small town tradition for anything.  It's ours.  We love it, and we're looking forward to next August for another twirl of small town community, good old-fashioned FUN.


We Are Gibsons said...

love these pics! and i loved looking at the beach pics, especially since it was a "winter storm" that day! oh, and what's this about the new upload tool??? you know i'm new here! thanks!