Saturday, January 22, 2011


yes, it's January.  2011.
and, yes, I'm blogging about Halloween.  2010.
but, they were too CUTE not to share, okay?!  I'm just anal like that.  I can not get over it.  So, yes, I'm still in "catch up" mode.

But I will make a deal with you, my lovely readers.  Since you have long forgotten about Halloween, I'll spare you the details and just let the pictures speak for themselves - how about that?
Ha, I'll let you decide the CUTENESS factor, [wink, wink]

So, without further ado, I present to you... Halloween 2010!  [drumroll, please!]

First up, LUIGI!!!!

Jax is obsessed with the Mario Brothers, and idolizes Luigi for some reason.  What better Halloween costume?  Very fitting for him, right now.

I love the mustache the most!  hilarious!

Jax, 4, cannot say "Luigi" no matter how hard he tries, but, bless his heart, he's working REALLY hard on it!  When he says it, it comes out as "Lu-wedgie"    LOL

And, next up, we have a very lovely....   STRAWBERRY!!!!

isn't this just the most precious thing?

She's BERRY sweet!!!
Love her BERRY much!
Our church had the annual trunk-or-treat, and we had soooo many kids -- it was a BLAST!!!  Look at all of 'em!
you could find any creature you've ever dreamed up at Calvary's annual Trunk-or-Treat.  Can you say FUN!!
here's a closer snapshot, just before the kiddos hit up all of the "trunks" in the parking lot.  That's my niece and nephew (Popeye and Olive Oil) sitting between Luigi and Little Miss Strawberry
The kids got to select a pumpkin from the patch, and decorate it - this was a fun activity for all ages.

Daddy helped Joy - she picked the cutest tiny pumpkin for the project - it was about the size of an apple.  It turned out soooo cute!  I loved having the kids' decorated pumpkins sitting out on our porch for Halloween.  So cute.

Here's the two cutie-patooties as we were getting ready to wrap up the night.  GREAT TIMES for the Leggett's