Thursday, November 20, 2008

now 2...

I don't have a lot of time to blog right now, but I just wanted to post a quick update. I had my weekly prenatal visit this morning, and doc says now we are officially at 2 cm! woah, this last little bit is going by way-fast! and, yes, that is a word. When you are 2 cm and prone to give birth at any time, you can create any word you want and the rest of the world is at liberty to accept it without question. ha. We also had an ultrasound today, and the baby's weight is estimated to be around 7 lbs now. We got some beautiful pictures - I so wish I could post them, but I just got prints this time - no CD. I will have to see if I can scan them in sometime... you know, in all of my spare time.
So you ask, how am I doing with that lengthy "to do" list that I blogged about last week... well, yeah, I am fully aware of that list and I think I might be able to mark, uh, maybe one thing off... the rest of the "to do list" is, well, er, still TO DO!!!! gotta get busy!

As we were talking about the baby, Jax picked up some of Baby Sister's 4D photos off of the counter last night (easily accessed using his handy dandy wadder - see previous post). He said, "er, Mama?!! This is Baby Sister??" "Yes," I responded. As he examined the photo a little closer, he exclaimed, "She's Brown!!!"
LOL - it is so funny how his little mind operates - so literal, and at the same time, so cute! You can see the 4D ultrasound photos in my previous post - you will notice that they are not in full-color as a regular photograph would be, but instead they do have a brownish hue.
hee hee.


hstingley =0) said...

He's just excited about being a big brother and can't wait for her to get...neither can you! I just hope you can finally relax before you do make yourself go into labor!! Lots of hugs to ya'll!