Saturday, November 1, 2008


Jax had a blast this Halloween. He caught on very quickly: "trick-or-treat, thank you". For his costume he chose to be a "Firefighter". Ha! Bet you couldn't have guessed that!! So, we looked high and low for a Firefighter costume, but to no avail. Finally, we found a realistic one online. It fit perfectly, and Jax loves it! Now that Halloween is over, he can still play with his Firefighter gear while 'driving' his real firetruck at home.

We began the Halloween festivities with a "Trunk-Or-Treat" event at church, followed by a hay ride. All of the kids had a great time, and there were a LOT of them!!

Jax's class also went trick-or-treating around campus. He really enjoyed trick-or-treating with his classmates! He's still talking about it.

And, on Halloween night, we went Trick-or-treating in our community, mainly to family. It took us four hours to make six stops because Jax insisted on inviting himself into each home, and visiting for a while! He really didn't care about candy - he just wanted to visit!

Of course, what lil firefighter would skip trick-or-treating at the REAL firestation??? Jax visited for a while with "Tell-wee" (Kelly) P. and all of his real firefighter friends, too. They had plenty of candy to share, and of course, it was better than any other, because it was Firefighter-Approved!
And, baby sister! Well, even though she STILL has no official name, we made sure to include her in the Halloween fun. Her costume? A very cute and creative PUMPKIN!! Josh and Jax helped me to get her all painted up and ready to say "boo!"


hstingley =0)- said...

Too funny about your "pumpkin" but very creative! Jax looks too adorable in his firefighter costume.

Angela said...

Love the painted tummy!