Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election day

As Jax and I were headed home from school/work this afternoon, we were discussing today's elections. I told him that today is a very important day, because we are electing a new President for our country. I tried to explain the voting process as simply as I could. Here's how our conversation went:
Me: I have to go vote. Do you want to help me vote?
Jax: Oh, yeah. I like boats, too.
Me: No, vote! We have to go vote for the new President.
Jax: oh, o-tay, I'll help shoe (you), Mama!
Me: Are you a Republican? or a Democrat?
Jax: huh?
Me: Are you a Republican?
Jax: naaaah-uh!!! I not a wa-pella-gwen! I a FIREFIGHTER!

Now, I'm glad that we got that all clear before we even arrived at the Voting booth! :)


Therese Apel said...

I think Jax is on to something. Perhaps more of us should vote in the Firefighter party? ;)