Monday, November 24, 2008

making progress

I am very excited about the progress made this weekend at the Leggett home! Instead of posting a "to do" list today, I'll post the "got it done!" list:
  • the nursery is painted - and beautiful! Thanks to MoMo, Aunt Dana, and cousins Chase and Travis! I love it! I know our sweet baby girl will love it, too!
  • we got the carpet pulled up and disposed of, and the underlying hardwood floors cleaned (in the nursery). Again, thanks to my wonderful family for taking iniative and helping us out with this
  • the curtains are hung in the nursery - they look great with the newly painted lavender walls
  • I washed tons of baby clothes, so now she has some things to wear. I organized them by size, too, for easy accessibility... since some people seem to think she will be born at size 6 months, skipping the newborn sizes that I have picked out for her first days in this world; ha ha.
  • Everyone is packed for the hospital, finally! And, all bags are sitting together, ready to be grabbed up in a moment's notice
  • got the play room organized... once. Jax loved the new look of the play room, and all of the new space for him to play with the abundance of toys he has... in fact, he loved it so much, it is no longer what I call "organized" but, nevertheless, all of the toys are in there- not scattered over the rest of the house
  • got several Christmas gifts ordered online, and made special arrangements for several other gifts - I only have a couple more things to get for Christmas, and I'll be done!
  • And, we also enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast at church on Sunday, and a precious Thanksgiving Program Sunday night, put on by the youngest children at church (birth to 5 years). Jax was an Indian, and was most facinated with the microphone. He sang with the other children, but I can't help but wonder what he would have done if he could have gotten that microphone for a moment! ha ha. We had nearly 30 kids on stage at once, and they all were remarkable. It was an enjoyable close to a busy weekend! We're looking forward to Thanksgiving - we have so much to be Thankful for! :-)


Angela said...

Glad you got some things done! Let's see some photos!

hstingley =0)- said...

I am so happy that your "do to" list has disappeared. Now you can relax and enjoy the last few days/weeks before you precious little girl arrives. Take it easy for once!!! Lots of hugs!!!