Thursday, November 11, 2010

conversations with the kiddos = LOVE IT!

Well, it's now November and I STILL have a gazillion pictures that I really want to post from SUMMER... and of course, there's HALLOWEEN pics that need some attention, too! But, gah, Blogger is so tough on a girl with a bunch of pictures! Does anyone else ever have a problem with uploading pictures to Blogger? OMG! It takes sooooo long! And, THEN, it is a pain to move them and get them positioned the way you want them! There MUST be an easier way! C'mon Blogger-Execs... with ALL of this new-fangled modern technology available, there has GOT to be something you could do to help us snap-happy folks with our photo uploads!!! For crying out loud!!!

Ok, I am stepping down from that soap box now.

Since I don't have a lot of time (like, ever!), I won't be posting pictures today. A'hem, sorry about that. Instead, I want to share some "stories" and some recent "conversations" from my precious, ever-so-talkative, and too-darn-cute children.

I love listening in on kids' conversations. I love when I am invited to participate in conversations with kids, especially when they are MINE! Isn't it funny how their conversations somehow seem eerily similar to things we say ourselves ?? sooooo funny....

The Leggett children apparently have the gift of gab. I think they got that from their Daddy. Well, maybe just a little influence from their Momma too. I've posted about the developing talkative nature of my kids before here, and here, and here, and my absolute favorite eavesdropped conversation ever is right here (Jax and his friend Brandon on "sisters").

Well, here's some more little tidbits to add to the list!

**It was the first week of school (yes, I realize I have not posted pictures yet, but I just can't hold the stories in any more. Refer to above soap box.) and we were headed home. Joy was whipped out and was fighting sleep from the moment we got in the car, so I was trying to keep both Jax and Joy talking as we made the trek home.
Me: "What did you have for lunch today?"
And, Jax spoke up for the both of them: "wellllll, we had three things for lunch. We had ham - that's the protein, Mama... and we had.... uh... um... we had.... well, I can't remember what else we had, Mama, but we had three things. And, Aubree is in my class!"
Me: "Oh, wow! I didn't know Aubree is in your class this year."
Jax: "Yes, she is. I told her she's my girlfriend. ... But I didn't even tell her Leslie is my girlfriend... " {silence}
and Jax continued, "oh, this ain't no good!"

**We have the greatest conversations while riding to and from school, it seems. I guess the distractions are kept to a minimum, so there's really only Chattering for entertainment. One afternoon as we were traveling home, we crossed some railroad tracks. Jax squealed from the back seat, "OH! LOOKY! We're crossing a ... ummm... a.... um.... a... a.... um, a ... train system!!!!!" That's my boy! - creative and original!

**During yet another ride home from school, we passed a garbage truck. Jax immediately noticed.
Jax: "Mama, I think that was G.I. Joe. That MUST be a FAKE garbage truck cause it's G.I. Joe's truck in disguise!! And did you know Batman has buddies? Yeah! And there's one that's a cowboy and one that's really big, and uh... that's it I guess. But do you know who Stretchman is?" Whew! Yeah, I know - being worn out from a long day's work hoping for idle conversation doesn't mean a thing to this kid; he demands thought and contemplation... and very quick answers, or else he just moves on to his next thought without you! ha

**Josh was able to go on a quick hunting trip to Arkansas in early October. As he was leaving he told Jax, "Take care of Momma and Joy while I'm away." Jax nodded. "You're the man of the house while I'm gone," Josh told him. Without hesitation, Jax blurted, "Does that mean I'm the BOSS?" Oh, lordy.

**Not long after that hunting trip, Josh and Jax were preparing to go 'coon hunting, and take Jax's new 'coon hunting puppy, Blue Thunder (I know, I know - pictures coming soon). Josh and Jax were discussing what they needed to take, etc. and Joy commented, "Doy toon huntin, Daddy," [translation: Joy 'coon hunting, Daddy], indicating that she wanted to go with them. Josh explained to her that she could not go this time; it was dark and cold, and even misting rain a little bit. Jax said, "don't cry girl! You gotta stay here and take care of things. You're the GIRL of the house now!"

**Mid-October announcement from Jax: “I want some rocks for Christmas”
Me: “Oh?!! Okay, we’ll have to tell Santa. He can probably handle that.”
Jax: “I want space rocks and ocean rocks.”
Me: “Oh. Ok. Hhhmmmm.”
Jax: “How is Santa gonna get the space rocks, Momma?”
Me: “Hhmm. That’s a good question. I think you should ask Daddy!”

**Jax (to Joy): “you need a boyfriend, girl.”
Daddy/Josh: “Ooooh, no. We don’t want her to have a boyfriend yet – he’ll try to smooch on her and such!”
Jax: “Then, who will she marry, Daddy?”
Josh: “I don’t know. She’ll have to do all of that kind of stuff when she’s …uh… forty.”
Jax (astonished): “Woah! Farty?! Farty is a long time, girl! It's gonna be, like, farty-million years before you get big [old enough], girl! Woah, it'll be all the way til next summer!!!"**Joy has been more interested in the "Pincesses" [Princesses] lately, especially Snow White. She got the movie at Halloween, and we have played it a few times. She doesn't just sit and watch, but she does listen and view some of the scenes as she plays. One evening, the Snow White movie was playing, and Jax, being the very observative child that he is, asked, "Momma, why do those little dwarts [dwarfs] say 'Hey Ho' every time they are walking?"

**11/4/2010 - Jax wanted Joy to play "cop" with him. Jax said, "Joy, you be the bad guy."
Joy: "NO!"
Jax: "Well. Just turn around and put your hands behind your back then!"
Joy: "NO!"
Jax: "Ok." {pause} "Order in the Cot [court]! Order in the Cot!!!"
Joy: "NO!" "Not today, Jax!"

**One evening, I was cooking supper and Jax was just insistent that he was going to help. I told him that I had everything covered, but he kept on. He wanted to help me peel potatoes. I explained that the potato peeler I was using was actually just a knife in disguise, and that he could cut his fingers easily. He continued to beg and plead and he appealed to my soft side when he kept saying, "I just want to help you, Momma". So, again, I explained the potential dangers of the Peeler, and then gave him instructions and a demonstration on how to use it and how to avoid injury. He did very well operating the Peeler, and did not get even so much as a scratch. He peeled two potatoes, and he announced, "I got the hang of this, Momma!" He was so proud. "Good Job!," I said. Jax replied: "You can count on me!" and sweet little Joy, who was playing in the other corner of the kitchen, never missed a beat; she began, "ooonnne... twooooo... th-reeeee...." I love these two.

**One night I was rocking Joy and all was quiet - it was just the two of us.
Me: "I love you"
Joy: "I wuv shoe too." [I love you too]
Me: "That's so sweet, Joy."
Joy: "Doy wuvs Daddy." [Joy loves Daddy]
Me: "What? You love Daddy? Well. What about Mama?"
Joy: "Doy wuvs Mama." {pause} "Too."
Me: "I love you too, Joy."
Joy: "Aaaaaaannnnd. Doy wuvs Dax." [Joy loves Jax]
What a sweetheart! ~ She melts my heart!

**Each day when I pick up Joy, she runs up to me and says, “Joy’s Mama!” as she has her arms stretched out for me to pick her up. One afternoon, I decided to question her a little more.
Me: “Who is Joy’s Mama?” (Joy points to me.) “What is Joy’s Mama’s name?”
Joy: “Neisha”
Me: “What is Joy’s Daddy’s name?”
Joy: “Josh”
Me: “Who is Jax’s Mama?”
Joy: {long pause} “Daddy can!”

Oh, how I love my little chatterboxes! I could go on, and on. These two precious gifts are priceless!


Angela said...

Love this post! It's so fun hearing what comes out of their little mouths! Oh, and do you have the option to select the "updated photo editor" under settings? For me, it uploads multiple photos at a time and is so much easier than the old way.