Friday, August 28, 2009

And then there was week 2

Week 2... getting adjusted, getting used to the routine. This week has been quite interesting with lots of ups and downs. I've enjoyed making fun of all of the excuses (for being absent or tardy from class) that my students are already giving me -- they must truly think that I am so dumb. Oh well, nothing a little reverse psychology can't cure. I also got to make fun of a student who thought the desk in my classroom was a nap mat... NOT a good idea on her part... great fun for me.
Joy is still doing wonderful at daycare. She is always smiling when I drop her off; still smiling when I pick her up. She really likes her little friends. She's had a bit of a runny nose this week, but I think she's gonna pull through it. I think it may be a result of the change in the weather. It's been cooler at night and in the mornings, and actually not-so-sweltering during the daytime too. Josh took us all for a 4-wheeler ride to see the trails that he's been working on in the woods behind our house. She loves to ride! But, it does put her to sleep everytime!! Sooo cute.
Jax. Ooooh, Jax. He's had a great week, too -- both a fun and educational week. This week, Jax's preschool class started a new "discipline system." All of the kids have a racecar on the wall -- the "track." If they engage in disapproved behaviors, their racecar goes to a "pit stop." The Green Pit Stop is a warning and results in the child not receiving a treat at the end of the week, but they still get to select a prize from the prize box. The Yellow Pit Stop is a strong caution and results in a treat at the end of the week, but no prize. And, the Red Pit Stop indicates extreme misdeeds and results with no prize or treat on Friday. Those who do not get off track at all during the week, receive both a prize and a treat on Friday. Ok. So we understand the rules. A letter was sent home last week, explaining the system, and I worked with Jax all weekend to make sure he understood how it would work when he returned to school after the weekend. Monday was great. No one had to go to a pit stop. Tuesday, 3 children went to the Green Pit Stop according to Jax. And one of those was little man Jax himself. ugh! The offense? - not listening and not following directions. As I picked him up Tuesday afternoon, his teacher told me about the situation and Jax stood below us, steadily trying to change the subject by showing me all of his pretty drawings and pictures he had created. Ok, so the Green Pit Stop is just a warning. It just means no treat. Ok, yeah, I understand. But still. ugh! Both Jax and his teacher assured me that he would be better the rest of the week. And, he has been -- no more Pit Stops! Hopefully, that was the only time he will "test the rules out". Lord, bless Ms. Melissa for having sooooo much patience with the preschoolers; she's amazing. :-)
In other "Jax adventures," he was super excited about "Show-and-Tell" this morning. Since they are studying the letter "W" this week, they were supposed to bring something "wild" for Show-and-Tell. Jax picked out his "toon ['coon] skin hat" and this morning as we were on the road, he asked, "Momma, where is Show-and-Tell?" I explained what it is, and he still was confused, thinking he was going to a place to show his hat and explain where he got it. He was so cute as he rehersed what he wanted to tell his friends about it, and he would ask me for verification that he was saying the right thing. Yep, a little politician in the making! Planning his speeches, and going to Momma for verification. That's alright little man!
Last night, as he was laying down, I asked Jax if he had already said his night time prayer. He immediately broke into "Dod [God] is dreat [great], Dod is dood [good], Let us thank him for our food..." I said, that's great Jax, but at night time you're supposed to tell God "thank you" for all the things you are thankful for. He began his "thank you for my____...." prayer and I listened quietly and proudly as he thanked God for his baby sister, Momma, Daddy, fwends at stool, etc. "...and the fwees, and..." WHAT? I had to interrupt. "What did you say, Jax?" "Thank you, Dod, for the fwees [fleas]. We have to tell Dod thank you for the fwees too, Momma, tuz [cause] he made them too!"
oooooooooooooo-kay, thank you, God, for fleas.