Friday, May 7, 2010

kids say the darnest things!

So Jax is 4&1/2. He has never been shy in the Talking area, but lately he has really been talkative. I am amazed at the language development of children. Even Joy. She's 1&1/2 (the "1/2" is soooo important, you see) and can say sooooo many words, and understands so many more. It's a really cool process to watch.
But, I'll be the first to admit: sometimes, all the kid talk can get to be a little much. Like, as I'm driving home in the afternoons, worn out from a busy day of work and the run-here-and-run-there activity that is quickly becoming the "norm", when I just really want a moment to think; a quiet moment, uninterrupted with questions like "WHY?" and other things that I don't know. But they apparently don't understand THOSE words, cause they just keep on, and on. And on. Just when I begin to think about saying, "can't we just be quiet for a few minutes?" something happens. Every time. Every single time I begin to think about encouraging a round of the "Quiet Game," somebody says something sooooo amazing or sooooo funny, that I find myself suddenly changing my attitude and wanting more. Their voices, so sweet, I don't want to change muchless stop. They are communicators for sure, and I truly love the conversations we have. Here's some of the latest quotes I wanted to share from my oldest conversationalist:
  • We were headed to school. I had just gotten on the interstate, driving along peacefully when suddenly, Jax bellows, "Moooommma!! Daddy said NOT to drive on the weft [left]! WHY are you driving on the weft??" I calmly respond, "There is no need to holler; it's okay. I am driving on the left because I am passing that truck. When you pass, you can drive in the left lane." He canters, "Daddy says you can only drive on the weft when there's four roads [lanes]!" So I explained further, "That's right, we can only drive in the left lane when there are 4 lanes." (bellowing again) "BUT MOMMA! There's only two roads here!" to which I respond, "No, Jax, there is 4. You can't see the other two because of the trees in the median." Then I hear a mumble from the backseat... I'm not positive but I think he said "I'm telling Daddy" but I just let it go, hoping for a moment of quiet before we make it to Co-Lin where I'd have 6 hours of talking non-stop in the classroom. Sure enough, when we got home that evening I heard Jax telling his Daddy all about the morning commute. I didn't let him know that I was listening, but had to step outside to keep from laughing out loud when I heard him tell Josh, "yeah, sometimes Momma don't see four roads, and she just drives on the weft one anyway!"

  • Amidst all of the discussion of the roads [lanes] and instructions on how to drive from my four-and-a-half-year-old, he throws this one in the mix: "How fast are we going, anyway? 55? huh? 55 limits??" I could not answer one question before the next one shot out, and then I couldn't answer any of them after he said "55 limits" because I couldn't stop laughing.

  • Jax has been into Monster Trucks lately. He has several toy Monster Jam trucks at home, and they also have some to play with at school, too. One morning on the way to school (this was a different morning from the above conversation, thank goodness) he kept saying "I hope I get there before Bryce," "I hope I get there first," "I hope I get there before Bryce." So I finally asked him why he was saying these things. He explained that he wanted to be the first to get to school so he could have the first choice of the monster truck toys. "Bryce always gets Blacksmith (Monster Truck's name) and I want Blacksmith but Bryce always picks Blacksmith so I want to get there first so Bryce won't get Blacksmith because I'll get the Blacksmith first." Ok, so that makes sense. As usual, all the kids like the same toy, so my child had figured out how he can guarantee getting the crown jewel -- just be the first one there! Everyone that knows us knows that we are always late! I knew this as well, so I figured I better start preparing him for the disappointing fact that he would not likely be the first to arrive. I explained that he should share and ask Bryce or the other children to swap trucks with him after a while, or just simply select another truck to play with. "No Momma, I really really want Blacksmith. Momma, he's the BADDEST aaaaaaaaaand the BONE-EST!" [I'm pretty sure this was in reference to the phrase/song "Bad to the Bone"] Now, what do ya say to that? hee hee hee

  • On that very same day, on the way home from school, Jax informed me that he got to play with Blacksmith that day, and he was tickled. He said, "I think I want my own REAL Monster Truck." oh great. I quickly responded, "oh, you'll have to talk to your Daddy about that - I think Monster Trucks are very expensive." He seemed surprised yet genuinely concerned. He said, "oh, well, how much do they cost? maybe... uh... 255 GALLONS??"

  • On Fridays, we have t-ball games, so it was one Friday afternoon on the way home from school that we were discussing the evening's t-ball game. He was so anxious and excited about the game, but the clouds were dark, and the forecasters had been predicting rain and storms for a few days now. I told Jax that the games may be cancelled if it rains any more. "Naw, it ain't gonna rain here," he said. "Its waaaaaay over in Texas!" So I now have my own private 4-year-old personal forecaster!

  • We were heading to church one Sunday evening, and Jax apparently opened his question box again, ha. "Is church going to be in the fill-up hall again this time?" LOL! fill-up hall. yep, you guessed it; he meant "fellowship hall" And, just for the record, church was indeed in the fill-up hall, and that is exactly what we did that night - Bro. Gene made the biggest pot of jambalaya that I've ever seen, and it was so good too.

  • One afternoon, as we were heading home from school yet again, Jax asked me if his Daddy was at home. I said, "I don't know, we'll just have to see when we get there." He said, "well, I sure hope so cause I need him to buh-johnge my nose." WHAT?!! The trek from school to home is about 35 minutes on a good day... it literally took me the whole trip to figure out what he was trying to say. "Buh-johnge, Momma! You know, he buh-johnges it, and it feels better!" Finally I glanced back at him in his seat, and noticed that he was rubbing the bridge of his nose up and down. Massage!-I realized he was trying to say "massage"! As it turns out, Josh has buh-johnge'd his nose before when it was stopped up due to sinus/cold, and it made Jax feel better, so he was wanting another buh-johnge!! LOL

  • Another afternoon as we were making the trek home, I commented to Jax, "I could really use a nap!" He never slacked up, and said, "What? You don't have nap at your class?"
    Ooooh, how I wish we did, son.

  • Sometimes as we are traveling to and from school/work, I just listen to Jax and Joy have conversations. He's such a sweet big brother; he always talks to her, and asks her about her day. He has even taught her to sing her ABC's and a couple other songs too. They are so funny together. One afternoon, I was just listening. They were talking about the puppies, and Elmo, and what they ate for lunch, and all sorts of random kid concerns. Joy dropped her "Bay" - that's what she calls her beloved Blankie - and Jax handed her his sippy cup to hold, while he bent over in his car seat to retrieve Bay. She held the cup while he stretched to reach the blankie for her. When he finally was able to grab it, he said "here, sweet pea!," a phrase I have used frequently myself. Without missing a beat she responded "here-ah peet peet!" as she passed his sippy cup back to him. Sooo sweet (peet)!!!

  • and one more: Yesterday, when I arrived to pick up Jax, he and his classmates were out on the playground. He saw me coming, and as I approached the gate, he told me to "wait right there" because he had to go "tell my dirlfien (girlfriend) bye"! WHAT??!!!??!!! So, he spun around, and there she was apparently. While Jax was chatting with the little girl, Ms. Melissa commented on the new relationship. So Jax said his goodbye's and casually mentioned as he was exiting the gate that they are going to get mare-weed [married]. WHAT??!!!??!!! I said, "oh, when?" and while she stood inside the fence nodding her head in the affirmative, he explained that it would be a while. "Like, when we drow [grow] up!" Soooo... I guess that about as formal of an introduction that I'll get. Yesterday evening, their class had their End of the Year Program, and Jax was so excited. We took the opportunity to have their engagement pictures made after the program. The wedding will be in 30 years, and all friends and relatives are invited to attend the outdoor (playground) ceremony, weather pending.


HSTINGLEY =0) said...

Too Precious! It still amazes me about how much children know already and can say to each other. My how the time has flown with yours...seems like yesterday they were little babies & now they are getting so much older & wiser! Hard to believe that Hunter is 6mo and getting his 1st teeth in too...this time last year we were all together laughing at my fat pregnant belly while you shopped for fabric to make little outfits for Jax & Joy. Love the engagement photo...have they started planning the wedding yet?

Angela said...

Love this!

mom2korben said...

HILARIOUS!! This is probably my favorite post yet! Keep 'em coming, Neisha!