Wednesday, October 13, 2010

summer snaps: feel the love

Here's a few more summer memories in .jpg format - an impromptu photo session
of Jax and Joy doing what they do best - PLAYING! I am sooooo thankful that they play together so well. Jax is great big brother - he is constantly looking out for her, and never takes the opposing side. Joy looks up to him for sure - she wants to do everything that he does; and I do mean everything! (Did I mention that we are potty training?!!) They make childhood look so much fun. And, oooh, the energy! Where does it all come from? Oh, if I only knew the secret.
I love these kids - they have captured my heart. I wish I could just "freeze" them, and freeze these times. I would give up my right arm before I would willingly give up just one these memories. Priceless.