Friday, April 16, 2010

wintertime birthdays

Being a Type A, I'm a planner by nature. The older I get, the more I seem to "let go" of the need for constant planning, but, still, I plan a whole lot. Or, at least attempt to.
Before I had children, I always said that IF I got the choice, I'd prefer not to have a child born in December or January, and November and February were the next "least desired" months on the list. Why? Birthday parties! Fun birthday parties in the winter months are scarce. Plus, the winter calendar is pretty much overtaken with Holidays and holiday celebrations.

So, fast-forward a few years. We decided to grow our family. What'd we get? A boy born January 9, about two and a half weeks after Christmas. And then, three years later, a girl born December 9, about two and a half weeks before Christmas.

I had a miscarriage before Jax, and another miscarriage between Jax and Joy. Those babies were "due" in August and May, definitely not winter or Holiday-dominated months! I guess God definitely has to show us who the real planner is from time to time!

Soooo, since both of my kids have birthdays in the midst of the winter and Holiday hoopla, now maybe you understand why I'm just now posting birthday party pics... in APRIL!!!

Let's begin with Joy. Her first birthday. I'm still in shock over how fast that year flew by. When I went to the hospital early that morning (Dec. 9, 2008), it was nearly 70 degrees outside. I am NOT hot-natured by any means, and I can remember pushing the sleeves of my long-sleeve t-shirt up while I was filling out paperwork. When we left the hospital two days later, it was SNOWING. And I do mean SNOWING! in Mississippi!

Since we have this unique story of bringing Joy home from the hospital in the snow, AND since she has a winter birthday that is not exactly conducive to a cool pool party or outdoor fun, I thought it would be neat to go with a snow theme for her party... a Winter ONEderland!

Honestly, I ran out of time and wasn't able to carry out the theme as thoroughly as I had planned, but it was sufficient. We had snowflake sandwiches, snowman soup, and hot chocolate at the party, among other "snow"-themed edibles. We decorated the house with pale lavender, turquoise, lime green, white, and silver snowflakes. It was actually fun planning the Winter ONEderland. But the best part of all wasn't actually planned. Not planned by me anyway. SNOW. Real snow. Yep, it actually SNOWED -- in Mississippi -- AGAIN -- just in time for Joy's Winter ONEderland party. How cool is that?!!!

First, here's a few pictures of the snow. Joy wasn't really interested in getting in it. She had been woke up for this?!!?!!! ha ha, she stayed out long enough for a few pictures, and a quick look at the snowman greeter Jax built!

Inside, it was warm...

It took some warming up, but she loved her cake!

Joy has lots of friends her age. We were happy so many of them could join us for the celebration. I regret that I was unable to get a picture of ALL of her friends together at the party. I guess you have to be SUPERMOM to get a group shot with these busy toddlers these days! Of course, BAY (blankie) was invited and attended the party.

It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to... You would cry too if you were this tired! LOL

Joy's party was held on the 5th; here's some pics taken on her actual birthday, Dec. 9th:
Opening her cards - she already LOVES mail!

Ok, so one winter birthday party was a success. Now, on with the seasonal festivities - it was such a busy time! I'll post a few pictures of Christmas and the Christmas festivities in another post. Let's move on to Jax's birthday party since we're in a "birthday party" kind of mood.

Jax made the big "4" on January 9, 2010. He was super-excited about his party. We opted to have his party at our church so we would have plenty of space for the kids to run around and play. My house was just not up to another event after Joy's party and the Christmas celebrations. Jax and his Daddy love to watch UFC fights on t.v. Jax has watched it since he was a small dude. I guess it may be the quick movements that catch his attention, I don't know. His Daddy thinks its the coolest thing; his Momma does not. I fear that my son will learn aggressive behavior from the experience, or develop a fear of injury or something - hey now, there IS some blood on there. However, Josh assures me this will not happen; they have discussed that it is a professional sport, and that Jax is not a professional fighter and therefore will not try to mimic the behaviors he sees. We wanted to do something different for the birthday party, but had limitations for activities due to the cold and unpredictable WINTER weather, ugh. So, I got the idea for a boxing party! Josh did not agree with the idea at first --can you believe it?-- but I did a little research and planning, and he came around to the idea. I ordered a pair of inflatable oversized boxing gloves for every child, and let them play with them at the party! It was a little wild, and maybe somewhat scary, but the kids LOVED it! Plus, the boxing gloves replaced the traditional party goody bag -- they got to take them home, and box until their little hearts were content at home. LOL You're most definitely welcome, parents!!! ;-D

His cake was a "boxing ring," complete with his picture! We LOVED the cake - sooo creative, Mrs. Lisa! She also made Joy's cake - both were perfect, and yummy yummy!

The gloves were tons of fun, for both boys and girls, of all ages... even a few parents got in on the fun!
Boxing can wear a little fella out! Hey, now, Boxers sleep sometimes too!!! :-P
THANKS to everyone for taking the time out of your busy holiday schedules to help my Sweeties celebrate their special day!


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