Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great American Postcard Swap

We are so excited to be a part of the Great American Postcard Swap (GAPS). For my readers who are not familiar with GAPS, let me explain: Aimee over at Adventures and Pursuits has coordinated a fun postcard exchange with one family representing each of the 50 states. Each state rep-family will send postcards to all the other GAPS members over the next year. The postcards depict each state's uniqueness, so this is a great learning opportunity for the kiddos. We have already received Alabama, Alaska, and Arizona postcards. Jax has so enjoyed getting "mail" and getting to see the pictures on the postcards. He's only 4 years old, so maps are still a bit arbitrary for him, but this opportunity is still so beneficial in helping to promote the development of spatial skills. We have a small U.S. map that we are looking at each time we receive a postcard. We talk about the location of the state and compare it to our own state of Mississippi. We have also been talking about the differences in weather (like, Alaska) and terrain (like, Arizona), etc. He is coloring in each state on the map as we receive the postcards. This is soooo much fun!
We send our postcards in October, but we are already talking about what kind of postcards we want to send. Any suggestions? We want to send postcards that share the really cool stuff about our state! What should be the Mississippi postcard theme? Help us decide!
I hope to post some photos soon. Stay tuned.


Tonya*Bishop said...

I just emailed the adventures & pursuits lady, because I want to participate!! It sounds like a BLAST! Thanks for the post :)

StephF said...

Wow Neisha, you're beginning to sound like a homeschool mama, ha! Fun, fun! We love geography & have participated in a postcard exchange before. I look forward to hearing more about it. Enjoy!