Thursday, April 15, 2010

no t.v. = even better times

I am so disappointed that I have missed nearly all of American Idol this season. I have not been an American Idol fan from its beginning. As a matter of fact, I have never watched a whole lot of t.v. at all. But I did discover American Idol and became somewhat addicted the year that Jax was born (2006). Jax was born in January, which happens to be the month that the new AI season begins each year. Since I had a newborn in the winter months, I did a lot of "just staying in," rocking, and watching t.v. during that time. Each year since, I have tried to make it a point to watch AI, even if I didn't get a chance to watch anything else. I like the audition phase as well as the competition phase. This year, I saw the first two shows of the season (the first week) and then... our satellite went out! It's been "out of order" ever since. Josh attempted to readjust the satellite, but he's not really a Mr. Fix It - in other words, his attempts didn't help. Obviously. I have been hesitant to call the company because 1) it's never a quick call - and screaming children always seem to work their way into the picture when I get on the phone with this type of call, and 2) we will have to be home when they send a technician out to look at it -- and, that's hard to plan! The only guarantees they will give is that someone can come between the hours of 8 and 12 or 1 and 5 during the week. Well duh, that means either Josh or I would have to take off the entire day. I'm trying to hold out until summer.

Anywho, Jax was just starting to get interested in some television programs just before we lost our signal and all connections to planet T.V. When we lost the service, he was disappointed at first, but now it seems that he has adjusted to NOT having t.v. access... just like some of the rest of us. The withdrawals were not that bad at all, ha. As a matter of fact, we've had some pretty good times around this house with no t.v. lately. I'm wondering if I should really make that call to the satellite company when Summer arrives....???

We haven't been tempted to forego the family suppers at the table in exchange for a perching spot in front of the t.v., as we have been guilty of in the past. I think we've all really enjoyed discussing each other's day during the meal, and, surprisingly, I have been more apt to actually cook with no t.v. around. One night, we did pick up some yummy Chinese from our favorite Chinese Restaurant in McComb (China Palace) and then returned home where we had a picnic in our living room floor -with NO t.v. It was nice, very nice.

Josh taught Jax to play Go Fish! one night - that would have never happened if the t.v. had been available. Jax has really gotten into "games" since the satellite service died. He got Gator Golf for Valentine's Day, and Hungry Hungry Hippos for Easter, and he's been practicing up on his skills with those; and he's also learned some jump rope skills too.

Jax and Joy both have been enjoying the great outdoors more --heck, what am I saying? -We have ALL been outside more since the t.v. doesn't have us tied up inside. We have all enjoyed playing with the new puppies (those pictures and the story coming soon in a separate post), back-porch sittin', riding the 4-wheeler/rhino, and the kids have re-discovered the swing set.

We have read so many books! And, this is great! I wish we had time to read EVEN MORE but I am proud of the times that we have had, thanks to the failure of the satellite.

Besides games and books, I feel like Jax and Joy have fostered their lurking creativity skills too by being forced to play with each other and their toys - without the background noise and sometimes-distraction of the t.v. These boxes, for example! Who would have ever thought two young'uns would have soooooo much fun with just a plain ole box! It never cesases to amaze me how children prefer the "make-shift" toys over the pricey REAL toys.

Let the imaginations run WILD!- there is no t.v. service here! And, who ever said that t.v. is a necessity?!! I'm seeing that t.v. is not THAT important afterall. Not even American Idol!!


StephF said...

Great post! We cancelled our satellite service just a few months ago, & even though we watch videos occasionally, I have seen great things happening around here too! My kids play TOGETHER & their conversations include more than "Move", "Hush", "I can't see", etc. We've had some great games after dinner too! Don't think we'll ever go back!! :-)