Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the Leggett Playground

Oh! In all of my haste as I was playing "catch up" with my blog (and I'm STILL behind - more catching up to come, goodness) I somehow forgot to give some very important kuddos and share the corresponding story with you bloggies out there.

So, without further ado:


Don't let the small font fool you. It is not small based on importance, no, nothing could be further from the truth. It is small font, you see, because it is a message of gratitude from the little voices of two little people, Jax and Joy.
For his third birthday, which was in January, ahem, Jax received a swingset. It was really cute in the picture.... but when the delivery truck brought it, it was somehow mistakenly in two teeny-tiny boxes. I could have swore that thing said ASSEMBLED when I purchased it. Well, it did, Josh. I don't know WHAT happened... those dang Made-In-China Products! They must not have known what they were saying!

ha ha, ahem, ha ha.

Anyway, Jax got the swingset in two tiny boxes for his birthday in January. And, FINALLY, four months later, in May, it was totally assembled and ready for little feet to operate all the gadgets.

Uncle Mike and Paw-Paw Johnny are to thank for getting the ball rolling. Josh would have never attempted to assemble the thing on his own. He needed the extra hands, but he also needed the extra encouragement. (I still have no idea why the box said that 2-3 adults should assemble the product in approximately 8 hours. Maybe Webster has a new definition of assembled ??!!!)
Jax bounced all over the place while the men were trying to put the swing set together. He would ask occasionally, (about every 5 minutes) if it was almost done. I was busy feeding Joy when they began the project but joined them outside as soon as she was finished. Joy was happy to play in her Exersaucer nearby, while Jax jumped around, and I organized all the pieces and insisted on taking the Instruction booklet out of the plastic and read it to them. All the while, the men ignored my dictated instructions and kept making statements that began with "I can't believe..." About 8 hours later (hhhmm., those crazy lying china people may be hitting it right on afterall!), the product was FINISHED!

It took me several days to get Jax to slow down enough to get some pictures. And, these are not the best, but they will do - you get the point. He calls it his "playground". Ha, I'm glad that he has a playground of his very own. Joy likes to watch him play on it, and we even added a little swing for her but it's still a little overwhelming for her. She doesn't do the slide too well yet, and the rock climbing wall and trapeze is for boys only, as per Jax -- he says it's too "dangerous" for her. He's a smart little dude - I totally agree.

Let us know when you're in the area, and you can certainly come over to play on the playground. Jax will not let you leave the premises without the grand tour (featuring, playground, garden, and firetruck!) Come on down!


Mrs. Robert Anthony Webb said...

Joy is getting so big!! Jax looks like he is having a ball on it!

Angela said...

These are great! I'm glad Jax has such a fun toy to play with and he's so sweet to share and let baby sister have a little swing. They are growing up so fast!